another day; another active shooting in america (different shades; same fates)

are we tired yet?
are you tired yet?
i’m tired.
i’m absolutely tired.
more and more,
we are reminded how evil the world is.
^these 3 pre-baller wolves from the university of virginia got up today,
( from left: devin chandler,
d’sean perry,
lavel davis jr)
left their homes,
probably spoke to their loved ones,
but didn’t know that this would be the day they’d be called home

because ^this hyena,
by the name of christopher darnell jones,
decided he wanted to be an active shooter today.
the reason is unknown but 3 are dead and 2 are wounded.

what reason did this one have for his killing spree?
we know the motivations for the white incels.
what nonsense are we gonna hear about this one?

i’m still mourning takeoff’s death.
you don’t know how much that hurt my heart.
his death was so tragic and senseless.
i was trying to move forward and this happened today.
this act of violence simply reminds us that evil never rests.
please continue to protect those around me,
those who read my website,
and myself during these very problematic times.
may those 3 victims rest in power and condolences to their families.

lowkey: this tweet made me so sad…

but the irony of the class devin was in:

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6 thoughts on “another day; another active shooting in america (different shades; same fates)”

  1. My guess is there was some hazing among the players … a bootyhole or ding-a-ling was involved … the shooter became triggered and/or traumatized, and … you know the rest. This toxic masculinity is at a fever pitch these days … WHEN WILL IT END?!

  2. I bet there was a hazing incident among the players … someone’s dick or asshole was violated … the shooter became triggered/traumatized, and … you know the rest. Toxic Masculinity and its consequences are at a fever pitch these days!

  3. Beautiful men. sigh I am so Beyond sick of this shit, the “Gun” is the single WORST invention in man’s history as far as I’m concerned, it can turn even a toddler into a threat, it can wipe out multiple lives in seconds, and apparently it’s easier to get these days then a damn pack of gum! Foxhole let me tell you, I went to see Black Panther this weekend (Good movie) but I could BARELY RELAX, every time someone got up to use the bathroom my eyes could NOT leave them, i kept looking at the doorway praying I didn’t see a figure and hear any “click clack” sounds. After this Saturday, I told myself I’m just not ready, I can’t be in big public spaces (dark Asf no less) I only feel somewhat safe at Arenas where we all have to go thorough metal detectors

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