folks want to be trump but they aren’t charismatic as trump

why does it feel like some are trying to take a page out trump’s playbook?
chaos is a ladder but they’re going in full reverse to the pits of hell.
i was having this discussion with a friend last night.
we were talking about the dumpster fire that is elon musk.
it seems like he is trying to be a “trump part 2“.
he is showcasing his nastiness with this twitter shit,
but he has absolutely no charisma.

instead of being an entertaining villain with his chaos,
he is just a villain that we never want to see again.
i feel like that happens with everyone that folks deem successful

They see someone they admire and try to take out a page from their playbook

the problem is,
they aren’t charismatic or interesting enough to sit on the throne.
they are wannabes who have to be created in a lab.
it’s like your younger siblings trying to copy you.
they try to emulate you but they end up looking stupid.

“I liked that my older brother/sister pressed someone so Ima do it…
but with EVERYONE including my older brother and sister.”

no one is going to be trump.
everyone who tries comes off like an even worse version of him.
this includes,
and isn’t limited,
to trump’s stans as well.

so they’re out in the forests,
being so nasty and so rude,
all because trump put batteries in their backs.

they end up becoming:


they all need to take a lesson from all those who have been canceled.
better yet,
do the opposite of what elon musk is doing with twitter atm.
i can’t think of a more uncharismatic villain recently.

lowkey: elon musk needs to get off his new toy,
stop firing people,
and stay a silent partner.
he needs to hire gen z and millennials with new ideas for twitter.

5 thoughts on “folks want to be trump but they aren’t charismatic as trump

  1. Do you actually think he would hold back any info he had? Subtlety has not been in his vocabulary. Ever.

  2. Footnote:
    Imagine if the Democrats had actually flattered Trump and cajoled his ego? When he turns up the vitriol on the GOP for their current rejections and renouncement of Trump trope, it is going to be ugly.

    1. ^ you can’t do anything with trump but let him blow hot air.
      he been going after hillary for years and she lets him talk.
      i kinda think it’s because he might have some real dirt on her if she gets real reckless with the mouth.

  3. Imitation is NOT always the sincerest form of flattery. Inauthenticity is mediocrity and it melts when it gets too close to heat.
    These uber rich men should just shut up and enjoy their money.
    Power over others is the world’s most potent aphrodisiac. If not handled with care, you F🌻🌻K yourself up.

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