so since ya’ll over biden, is trump coming back to get us more stimmys?

i cringe when i hear black folks say they miss trump.
my ass literally turns inside out.
i’ve heard they “miss his entertainment” that he used to put on twitter.
you’d think after all the commotion on january 6th,
where people thought it was the end of the world,
that they’d be over that presidency.
trump announced he is running again in 2024

and even with all of this:

…and just how disappointing everything is:

I can see a Trump comeback in 2024.

 america has been making weird decisions since he was elected.
not only that,
there are many who think biden has been on his visery targarayen arc.

i guess we need to buckle up.
we are in for an even longer ride.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “so since ya’ll over biden, is trump coming back to get us more stimmys?”

  1. There is simply a segment of the population ( this segment encompasses all economical ,genders, occupations, cultural , races and ) that are ………” LOW, LOW ,LOW VIBRATION” !!!!!!

  2. While I would not want either for President again, I’d take Biden over Trump ANY day. New Yorkers knew Trump was all about the scam, but he played the rest of the country like like fools…and many are STILL under his spell.
    I just don’t understand it. He has continually shown that he is for self, but these folks still treat him like a king. Why? Someone make it make sense.

    1. ^ when i hear black folks from other states talk about trump,
      it’s clear they haven’t paid attention to him or they aren’t from up north.
      the biggest trump stans usually aren’t familiar with him.

  3. The results of the midterms give me hope that the Trump era is almost out. I just hope GA doesn’t screw this up…

    Biden has been a great president imo. We really haven’t seen what he can do because he’s had to spend his first term cleaning up after Trump, a la Obama following Bush’s administration

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