why do i feel like this is the perfect escape for chrisean rock now?

in my time here on earth,
i’ve had to learn a few lessons when it came to people.
one thing i learned that hurt but i’m getting better at it…

When someone is removed out of our lives,
especially if they weren’t treating us well,

it happened for a reason.
Don’t ask questions.
Let them go.
You’ll find out why in the future.

i know that many of us root for chrisean rock.
she has been doing the most to stay with her hyena,
he got arrested yesterday for an alleged ( x attempted murder charge ).


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the feds must have been watching him for a minute.
it didn’t help he was an attentionisto either.
either way,
she done pulled out her tooth and fought his family members.
she has been trying to prove her loyalty and love to him

Only for him to cheat with other vixens and abuse her.

it bees like that when you THINK you love someone.
i saw this tweet that summed it up perfectly:

who knows where chrisean will go from here.
this seems like rock bottom for her.
she needs A LOT of therapy and self-work in her climb back up.
she could be one of those “stands by my hyena” vixens

…but let’s hope she can move forward and fix herself.
this seems like her chance to run and never look back.

lowkey: i feel like the Universe wanted this to end for us too…

we didn’t need this toxic ass relationship to be “the thing”.

5 thoughts on “why do i feel like this is the perfect escape for chrisean rock now?

  1. This is her chance to move on and work on herself. She needs some older women who can mentor her and get her into therapy.

    1. “Christian, baby? Get on your knees and praise God it was not you on the wrong end of the gun in dumbface’s hand”.
      Call Iyanla, she will help or guide her to who to counsel with.

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