some of ya’ll want this killer onlyfans couple to make more content in prison

when whitney houston said she believed the children are the future,
i don’t think she was singing about some of the millenials and gen z.
some of us are sooooooooooooooo embarrassing.
did we go wrong when phones got cameras?
or when we could share our thoughts on social media?
even if two folks were in jail for killing someone,
and i’m fonting about the eandjgang,
we still want them to provide pleasure with onlyfans content.
this tweet:

was under this update tweet about the killing onlyfans couple,
johntae kavon collier and eric dodds,
and how there was more involved in this saga…


There is no honor amongst thieves,

this is one:

it shows that even if you kill someone and are standing over the body,
if you are sexy and make good content for some gays to jack off to,
you’ll always have one stan or 153.

i’m still confused as to why they threw their lives away.
they were making bank off the horny and desperate on onlyfans.

i hope it was all worth it on cellblock d.

lowkey: you know they are gonna get a phone and make more videos in jail.
we might not be seeing the last of these two.
some of ya’ll gonna help put money on their books with cellblock d content.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “some of ya’ll want this killer onlyfans couple to make more content in prison”

  1. I thought Johntae was released tho? They’ll be back at it in no time. As I’ve said before many of the gayz have no compass and are the thirstiest I’ve ever seen. All this free porn and y’all paying 😂😂

  2. These boys are drinking Mad Puss Piss. Clearly some of the screws need some lubricant. What is the matter with GenZ😔

  3. I hate that Boochie stawpfeenin guy with a passion. He’s such a mean girl and one of those very toxic gays 🙄

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