don’t start sh*t if you have to take a sh*t!

when you’re about to fight,
the last thing you’re thinking about is taking a shit.
you’re trying to see how your opponet is going to strike first.
you’re not squeezing your butt cheeks tight until the fight is over.
you gotta swing,
and clench your bottom at the same time.
a foxholer sent me a video of someone who had to fight but their doo doo

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did not wait for him.
not only did he lose the fight but his bowels lost as well.
i bet holding in that poop fucked up his concentration.
maybe he had a plan tho.

He was gonna stun ol’ wolf with the ripe smell of that mud pie his butt cheek’s baked.

that would give a new meaning to fighting dirty.

lowkey: i know he wanted that floor to swallow him and his shit droplets.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “don’t start sh*t if you have to take a sh*t!”

  1. This is BEYOND the PALE!
    Or does he need a PAIL of hot soapy💦 to clean that up. This wasn’t a fight it was two cubs cuddling until it reached a creamy conclusion.

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