i’m so confused with this juan dixon alleged cat-fishing story…

there are stories that i get and i’m like:


from a “done wrong” perspective,
it’s so off the wall and oftentimes lacks common sense.
there are missing pieces that don’t complete the full puzzle for me.
this one involves a former pre-baller wolf of coppin state,
a catfishing mastermind,
an alleged assistant hyena to the coach,
and huzzband to robyn dixon of rhop,
juan dixon.

its a story of alleged baiting nudes,
and sexual assault

this part tho:

before i get into ^that part,
this story is definitely sick and downright degrading but my first question:

Did Ibn not find any of this communication weird af?

someone randomly hits him up and instantly wants his nudes.
that gets “opp” status quickly for me.
did this person send nudes back for these years of communication?
so he allegedly keeps sending and sending until

They start blackmailing him into doing painful sex acts.

that is the part he should have sounded the alarm to the authorities.
so the assistant hyena to the coach,

lucian brownlee,
randomly admits that he is allegedly getting blackmailed too.
someone in a position of power is being blackmailed with a student.
is that not the “weird af” part?
this mastermind in turn wants to see ibn to give the ass. coach head.


that wasn’t the final straw.
the final straw was the request to see his cheeks get clapped.
it leads to a ton of drama occurring and all his nudes getting leaked.
juan dixon,
who is the coach in all this drama,
allegedly did not give a damn and excused his ass. coach behavior.
lucian’s alleged and known “mental illness” was the cause.


 ibn ends up getting kicked out of the school and he is suing now.
did i get all this right?

i’m glad ibn is suing but please cue the:


…because this entire story is wild af.

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12 thoughts on “i’m so confused with this juan dixon alleged cat-fishing story…”

  1. Its really not that complicated, that man in a serial r@p1st and psycho, that boy needs justice

  2. The narrative doesn’t make since because it is skewed to favor the “victim”.

    Lucian and Ibn were in undergrad at the same time and were sexually intimate while they were both undergrads. Lucian graduated and received a role on the staff.

    As the stuff got messy they alerted the school and the school brushed it off because of where it started it socks and was definitely mishandled.

  3. When you read this story, it sounds more like the rapist, has close ties to the University head where they believe the Asst Coach over the student with all the evidence proving the student was set up. The Asst Coach broke all the rules of the University and they took his side first. Not only did they take his side, they expelled the victim, took his housing, but I’m so glad Morehouse showed him they really cared about him.

    What sickens me, they are making fun of a student giving head when it was the Asst. Coach preying on Students after seeing them naked in the showers. The beginning of the story it was a fan who saw him and wanted to date him. So clearly IBN was not on the DL. After Juan clearly states, “he has mental issues”, meaning its not the first time he has preyed on a student. That means the coach has probably caught the asst coach watching players. When the person you hired is close to somebody in the University head office, you can’t do anything. Let the University deal with it. I hope they expose all his dirt and the University gets hit hard.

  4. I just finished reading the lawsuit. Juan Dixon is going to be boiled alive, alongside Brownlee and Derek Carter & the University. He appears to have willfully permitted a individual who he claimed was “mentally ill” to be in charge of the new nest of impressionable young players. This reeks of predatory collusion between Juan & Brownlee. I wonder was Juan somewhere watching the video being filmed in real time. This is just the wash because the rinse will reveal more victims. 👁️👁️.

    1. ^ i actually wondered if more people are gonna speak out about this?
      this is one of those slow burn scandals that once it ignites,
      it’s out of control.

  5. When reading the whole story it seems to me it is legit on the victims part from what I can gather. The student was taken advantage of by an assistant coach that wanted to have sex with him & the victim didn’t get down like that so he blackmailed him into performing oral sex disguised as the “woman” the victim had been talking to the whole time.

  6. This is giving a DL situation gone wrong. Sounds more like Brownlee and Ibn were on the down low together, probably recorded a few videos and Ibn decided to breakup with him. Then Brownlee starts blackmailing Ibn and starts trying to mess with his scholarships. Juan probably didn’t think anything was wrong because he thought it was a “lover’s spat” and didn’t take it seriously(which he should’ve). Brownlee leaked the nudes(I’m confused on which nudes.) But that’s just what I’m thinking happened cuz the initial story doesn’t sound right

    1. ^ yeah something is off with this story.

      maybe juan knows lucian is allegedly gay and this was a relationship situation gone wrong.
      maybe he didn’t react because he knew what was really going down?

      im trying to figure out all options cause the initial story sounds sus.

      1. so obsessed with the “dl” phenomena you people are so obscene and salacious! yuck always desperately trying to brew tea where there isn’t any, he said himself it was a woman catfishing him, what right do you have to push your own fallacious agendas onto the kid and change his story??

  7. Well, we know that Juan’s ass is gay. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that. But just from what I gather, the “student” in question was probably involved with one of the coaches.

    Shit went left, because he most likely began messing with either another student or another one of the coaches. So then, the “rapist coach” started getting mad and in his feelings. And that’s when he tried to expel or get him expelled.

    Additionally, Juan’s role in this could be knowing about the information but not saying anything. And trying to stay out of it.

    1. ^ i feel like there is more to this story.
      this invisible mastermind had all this power?
      enough to make a straight male do alleged painful sex acts and give head?
      i’m not saying its not true cause stranger things have happened but i had to ask myself wtf was i reading?

      1. Oh I feel ya! And there’s definitely more to the story! Which will be revealed. And I’m pretty sure that we all will be jaw dropping with our mouths open too! LOL

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