i’m so confused with this juan dixon alleged cat-fishing story…

there are stories that i get and i’m like:


from a “done wrong” perspective,
it’s so off the wall and oftentimes lacks common sense.
there are missing pieces that don’t complete the full puzzle for me.
this one involves a former pre-baller wolf of coppin state,
a catfishing mastermind,
an alleged assistant hyena to the coach,
and huzzband to robyn dixon of rhop,
juan dixon.

its a story of alleged baiting nudes,
and sexual assault

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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Catfish

i am now getting into this show, catfish.
i know.
i am late as hell.
i was reading the twists and turns of manti te’o’s own catfish.

peep here
peep here now
peep here finally

his story is weird as hell.
i personally think he is down and tried to play it off.
between watching this show and the pre baller wolf’s story,
this isn’t the first time ive heard about this.
why do people even do this?
i think it’s so triflin’.
i would hate to be talking to jj james,
and i’m really talking to jj evans.
i started to wonder…

Have you ever been catfished?

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