One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Catfish

i am now getting into this show, catfish.
i know.
i am late as hell.
i was reading the twists and turns of manti te’o’s own catfish.

peep here
peep here now
peep here finally

his story is weird as hell.
i personally think he is down and tried to play it off.
between watching this show and the pre baller wolf’s story,
this isn’t the first time ive heard about this.
why do people even do this?
i think it’s so triflin’.
i would hate to be talking to jj james,
and i’m really talking to jj evans.
i started to wonder…

Have you ever been catfished?

i know someone who was catfished.
i felt sorry for him,
but i had to ask myself if he was an idiot?
he was talking to a fox from florida that apparently was a model.
they met on early myspace,
so you know this was before the texting and skype.
from the description he gave me,
the fox sounded like a super fox.
they ended up talking for 2 years.
fallin’ asleep together on the phone.
my friend was buying him things since he had money.

the fox’s best friend sent my friend an email revealing everything.
i kinda figured some of the things were not right just by holes in the story.
the fox’s best friend did not like all the lying,
plus he knew my friend was falling HARD BODY.
my friend not believing the story,
bought a ticket and flew to florida.

can you believe this fox who was a model….
lived in a trailer park.
my friend told me that the fox was NOT a model.
he was missing teeth and was out shape.

he wasn’t attractive at all.
you know what my friend did?
he told me he went ahead and kicked his ass.

he was hurt.
when he finally showed me the picture of the fox,
it was a picture i saw circulating on BGC.
too bad he didn’t know me yet.
whoever the owner of the picture was,
i know he is pissed.

i don’t get it.

do you approve of these online relationships?
do people even still get catfished these days?
i know that you can meet someone online and fall hard.
some of these people got bodies that need to be fucked.
my thing is,
how long do you go speaking with this person without meeting?
not even a show faces on skpye/facetime/oovoo?
i am all about meeting someone i am speaking too instantly.
i want to see them.
maybe even feel them.
i just couldn’t talk to someone for a year without even seeing them.
some things just shouldn’t happen.
i would be right on google if things seem sketchy.
i had to ask…

Do you feel sorry for anyone who gets catfished?

watch 1st episode of catfish
watch 2nd episode of catfish
watch 3rd episode of catfish

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

37 thoughts on “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Catfish”

  1. I did it before as an experiment for my Psychology course.
    I took the pics of a very pretty Indian girl and created a page on Migente.
    I never initiated contact with any of the guys, just visited their page and looked at their pics. That was all it took.
    Many hit me up, and we all had daily conversations either through IM or through messages on the site. A few would ask for my number, but I would tell them that I was dating so I couldn’t give them my number. They believed it and never questioned it further. Some of the things they admitted to were crazy.
    All of them fell for a pretty face, except one. He was very insistent on me “proving” who I said I was. One guy was REALLY hooked, and pretty much fell for the alter ego. He would get upset if I wasn’t on IM. He said he really looked forward to our conversations.
    After about a month and a half I closed the page.

  2. I got catfished.. met the guy @ Olive Garden ran up a $200 tab.. Calld a cab and hauld ass.. he waited 1 hr for me to come back to the table before he calld me.. and he actually said I lied about splitting the bill with.. my reply. No more than u lied about being tall thick and bald.. 5’8, almost 300lbs.. and bald by circumstances not choice… plus da negro only had $68 to his name… he spent 11 days in jail.. Fail to pay your bill n tip is a criminal offense here… lol… was that cruel??

  3. You can watch all the episodes of Catfish on the MTV website!

    But yeah, the whole catfishing thing still happening in 2013 is so weird to me. I guess when some people fall deep enough in love, they just don’t need a skype call to confirm anything. Hopefully, all this catfishing spotlight will change their minds.

  4. The whole topic and responses pretty much display why online dating is a waste a time.

    All of this is the risk you take when talking to someone behind a computer!

    If you want someone to open pics before they even message you or upon a basic greeting, grow some balls and just meet someone in person!

    I already hear the “I have to play the guessing game of whether they get down” bit.

    Well take your ass to a gay club where all the men are gay!

    Dudes always kill me being bold behind a computer.

    People hide behind the computer for anonymity and the fact they can be whoever they want, so if you’re using looks as a deciding factor it would benefit you to meet a man in person.

    I only used websites to fuck period. 85% of the pictures used on these sites are misleading or straight up fake.

  5. This entry has BGC, JACK, A4A, GRINDER, written all over it. Is it catfish, if the person looks like the pic but has nothing going for them, no car, job etc, but fails to inform you that they are a broke buster. Last summer, I went on a date with a guy from Jack and he actually looked OK on the pic, but he only showed his face. Well we met at Starbucks and he was late saying he got lost, well I went outside to find him and from a distance he looked normal, but when he got closer I noticed that his legs and thighs were extremely huge and his upper body was extremely small, I couldnt put my finger on it but it looked peculiar, well he was nice enough and he told he how he had lost a lot of weight, and then it hit me that he must have had gastric bypass surgery because he was flabby and had that look of losing too much weight too fast, in all the wrong places. I sort of felt sorry for him, but I knew he wasnt for me, I was nice and tried to end it as fast as possible, I think he could tell i wasnt going to call him again and I didnt. He call and text and a few times, but it was no need of me getting his hopes up. I have had a few other experiences with dudes, I met online who always had excuses on why we couldnt meet and that is always a red flag with me. Now if you dont have a full body shot, I will not even answer you back. I actually have a friend who uses fake pics all the time and he doesnt even look bad, but he claims that he doesnt want his pic in cyber space. I have a problem with that because its fraud and deception and the men he meet are usually YUCK anyway so I dont know why it makes much of a difference not to use your real pics. I really think he has some issues he doesnt want to admit to and face due to being dark skin, he always uses a light brown skin dude pic. He claims he has only been called out twice. Personally, if you show me someone elses pic, I will not even waste my time.

  6. Catfish is common on BGC, It happened to me in Detroit. I expected to meet tight body 6’2″ fellow the first day we talked and I wanted to meet him. He gave me excuses sayin he’s high profile. I encouraged him the following day to meet me at my dormitory parking lot. I was in for a surprise, he was overweight, 5’5″. However he was high profile in the media. As soon as he opened the door I said “You got to be kidding me”.

    1. Wow. What is wrong with these people? How long do they think they can keep up the charade? I personally have never done the online thing, but my thing is, if the man looks too fine or seems too good to be true, then he probably is, and some investigating may be necessary. People need to start being more careful out there and keeping there feelings in control, especially if they have never met the person, it’s some crazy people out there. To be honest, I never even knew that this catfishing thing was this bad. The scandal with Manti Te’o made me see the situation in a different light. A person must be really insecure about their appearance if they are using other people’s pics. If a person whether if it is a man or a woman doesn’t want to skype or meet with you in person after a 6 months, it’s something suspect going on there. A person is never that busy to meet a potential love interest, NEVER. Remember they still have to sleep, so there is always time, we all have stayed up all night a few times. The people in the industry aren’t even that busy and they stay popping bottles and fucking hoes. If they have the time, then so does the average person.

  7. Make sure yall watch Catfish tomorrow night (1/28), looks like its going to be 2 wolves/hybrids in Miami. Jamari you should live tweet it like Kid Fury and Charlamage.

      1. *makes note to self. Jamari will be on catfish tomorrow* LMAO…

        *runs out of the entry like road runner*

      2. Rico is giving me total fox vibe. And when he got up to go outside to talk on the phone, I noticed a nice lil phatty. Rico is real cute, but he is in serious need of a haircut and new braids. I bet his twitter will be blowing up tomorrow night.

  8. Fortunately, it happened to me the very first time I signed into the old AOL blkm4blkm chat site. I engaged in a six-hour conversation which was awesome! We had so much in common or so I thought. Neither of us had online pictures. I’m talking about ancient history for the youngins on here, lol. Being naive — it was my first time — I suggested we meet for a bite to eat. I even treated and selected a really nice restaurant. He wasn’t driving so I arranged to collect him. He wanted to meet me on a corner instead of in front of his place of residence. As my driver drove past him him, I didn’t see anyone fitting his description, even though he was wearing the colors he had said he would be wearing. So, we turned around and pulled up to him. It was he! From our conversation, I was expecting someone around my age. The man looked 20 years older and decrepit…didn’t look as though he had seen a gym since junior high gym class! (Friends, upon hearing the story, said we should have left him standing there). I think I was in a state of shock. Fast forward to the restaurant: while eating with me still in shock, he mentioned he was not the age he said he was; so, I took that as my opening to casually and calmly ask him why he had lied. He burst out exclaiming, “Had I told you the truth, you wouldn’t have wanted to meet!” After the meal, we deposited him back in the neighborhood but not in front of “his” house, leading me to believe the “roommate” was, perhaps, a lover. The good thing about the experience was that it was my very first time meeting someone online and probably schooled me in the importance of being cautious and not so trusting of strangers, especially, sight unseen. I think the experience with this person also saved me from situations where I think others were lying and from a possible robbery. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, we have that little voice (6th sense) for a reason. Use it!

  9. I haven’t been “Catfished” before. I’m skeptical of meeting people online anyway, but I lowkey like the suspense of not knowing if it’s the real person or not yet. Nine times out of ten one of you will ask for a picture in the first text, email, phone call, etc. anyway, and you can tell a real one from a fake (if you’re good enough). With the last two people I met online; I meet one in person and the other person we Skyped each other. They both turned out to be the real thing! You just have to be cautious when it comes to anything online these days. I REFUSE to be played for a fool! lol

  10. I’ve been catfished. Went on for about a year. You don’t really believe the shit is possible until it happens to you.

    1. ^did your catfish at least look like anything you could have dated?

      I’ve been trying to take a nap for the last hour and a half.
      i have a headache,
      but I can’t because I’m watching this show, plus tuning into this entry.

      1. Not at all and he had nothing going for himself.

        The crazy thing is, he’s still out here doing it. Pulling the same tricks. He’s miserable though. That’s one thing I did gather.

        I felt lucky. I wasted a year and it hurt my pride a little, but I learned a huge lesson in dealing with people in general.

  11. I feel bad for those people in a way because I believe that they know in their guts that something isn’t right, but because they have low self esteem they end up doing it long term. it’s sad.

    1. ^im starting to feel sorry for both now.
      the catfish has low self esteem and wants to be liked.
      the victim wants to be loved and has low self esteem.

    2. It’s not so much low self esteem as it is just wanting to believe in it. Usually, there is a connection on some level and you fall in love with the connection. The image provides the framework, but that’s not what keeps you.

      1. Tell it Random. I was 21 at the time that i got hooked, and he was “28”. We were hooked on each other. Yes, the emotional connection I had with him was CRAZY. He was my first real relationship even though I only seen his picture and we never met.I would always ask to see him on cam because I had a cam and he would always see me but i couldnt see him. It was always some excuse. One day we had an argument about him lying to me about bottoming. It was some side shit going on too. He was staying with his ex and had some coworker trying to fuck him. So i did a background search on him and found out he was actually 47. I confronted him and he told me the pic he was using was actually his son. He begged,cried, and begged. I took him back. I thought I could make it work. We met a few times and actually had some good times but i was only fooling myself. He wasnt the man that I fell in love with. To me it felt like i lost a loved one. So i ended it and thats been 3 years ago.

      2. I said long term Random. In you and Ronnie’s case it was for only a year, but you can’t tell me that the people who get catfished for 5 and 10 years don’t have self-esteem issues, you can’t. Like the woman who was on the show who was talking to the man for 10 years, she was talking to him for literally half of my life lol. What person is going to wait for someone that long? Emotional connection or not, after a certain amount of years no one can be that busy or have so many excuses not to meet you in person or at least skype with you, and you are a fool to wait that long, period.

  12. Ive been catfished before, lol. It went on for like a year until I found out. Got to be careful with internet hookups.

    1. Oh no. Not my boi Ronnie getting catfished lol. It went on for a year? That’s crazy. I want details too.

  13. I have no sympathy for people who get catfished. Webcams & google image search have been around for a long time, so there’s really no excuse for people to be getting played like this. Even in the early myspace days, there was a yahoo messenger and live messenger. People just need to be more careful when trying to cake on the internet.

    1. ^No. Catfish is fake. You can’t make me believe that those people agreed to meet up with the people they were catfishing x_x

      Did you see the episode where the girl pretended to be a model and even had other guys play along with it? Scandalous!

      1. ^im hooked now on this show lol
        im on the 3rd episode now.
        i keep asking myself that this can’t be real.
        then I think of my friend and I say, “yeah it can lol”

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