One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Catfish

i am now getting into this show, catfish.
i know.
i am late as hell.
i was reading the twists and turns of manti te’o’s own catfish.

peep here
peep here now
peep here finally

his story is weird as hell.
i personally think he is down and tried to play it off.
between watching this show and the pre baller wolf’s story,
this isn’t the first time ive heard about this.
why do people even do this?
i think it’s so triflin’.
i would hate to be talking to jj james,
and i’m really talking to jj evans.
i started to wonder…

Have you ever been catfished?

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Shawn Foxx Was The Escort Who Never Was?

remember him?

click to get a reminder

he keeps a super low profile.
he recently had a sit down interview with some person and revealed a lot.
well this guy:

click to see when he visited the foxhole

apparently he was usin’ shawn foxxx pics to escort.
an f-bi sent me an interview where he clears up some things….
i think.

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UPDATE: She Loves Him, But He Loves A4A and Butt Cheeks More. Should I Tell?

as usual,
team #foxhole rocked.
Good work team.
We helped a Fox out of another bind.
Your comments helped tremendously so: round of applause.
Remember this f0x mail here:


Well he has an update!

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I Will Pop Your Lip So Watch How You Address Me

Is it me,
or am the the only one who thinks 95% of gay men are rude and messy as shit?

It makes no fucking sense to me the attitudes and the whole extra bullshit.

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f0xmail: She Loves Him, But He Loves A4A and Butt Cheeks More. Should I Tell?


I need your advise!!!

i haven’t been able to sleep in almost two days …about 3weeks ago i took two of my coworkers to dinner in tribeca we were right by the door just to see all the attention coming and also enjoy our drinks..this wolf walks in fine as hell with his fat friend so i told the waiter to go tell him that i would like to hook him up with one of my coworker, who is a female. so we called him over. he liked her it seemed and she liked him. they exchange numbers and have been together since he goes to apt and she is telling me she is feeling him so much that they might even move in together. i am very happy for them, the wolf (we will change his name to Triflin’) is fine and she is fine too…5days ago being the sexy fox i am go online to a4a looking around i hit this guy up with the screen name rideonthelow. i unlock my pics he unlocks his no face but nice body..we chat I asked him his name he says Triflin’“(the name of the wolf from the restaurant) he then tell me he is interested in me and would like to hit that..he sends me his number, Jamari swear on your blog, same wolf Triflin’ from the restaurant. OMG i don’t know what to do ..Should i tell her or not am scared and confused?????  help this Fox!!!! the guy is a bisexual wolf he doesn’t even remember me from that night I don’t want to do that to my friend/co worker.

it is sooo strange that this would happen to me i mean i have the a4a messages ..same age same description and same telephone number so..but i don’t want ppl in my job finding out shit about me. my friend thinks she got a good thing going. she called me on sunday and it was all about  him. I am afraid if i tell her she might tell people i work with about me..which i am not ready for emotionally ..the office i work @ is very business only….she can be loud at times ..but i have to tell her some nervous ..i dont even want this nigga even dough i like bi dudes alot.


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