Shawn Foxx Was The Escort Who Never Was?

remember him?

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he keeps a super low profile.
he recently had a sit down interview with some person and revealed a lot.
well this guy:

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apparently he was usin’ shawn foxxx pics to escort.
an f-bi sent me an interview where he clears up some things….
i think.

┬áthere is a ton of names and “who?” in this video.
i’m not with scene lingo so i may need a breakdown myself.
starts at 11:20…


a non successful relationship in the gay scene that ended triflin’?
god who would have thought?!?!
this is why i stay out of that bullshit.

can i be honest.
i don’t act like this.
i only know shawn through porn.
is that bad?
i feel like an outcast.
i’m really starting to like it.
i feel like it is so much drama.
i like just being a low key guy.

am i a bad person?

lowkey: yeah.
not what i expected.
porn is all fantasy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Shawn Foxx Was The Escort Who Never Was?”

  1. Ol Jodi Blaze using someone else’s pics. SMH. Oh and yes porn is a fantasy cuz in real life these dudes be…um..yeah. lol

  2. Wow, he is nothing like I thought he would be, and why would use somebody pics when you look just as good as the person. I am so lost with all this ballroom stuff and these names, and that queen doing the interview, omg annoying as fuck. Its a different world for sure. Oh well I guess I can say these porn gals are all good actresses.

    1. Of course he’s not what we thought, at least he looks good lol. Jodi looks good as hell in that second pic too. That ass is looking right.

      1. Jamari, you know what you have to do. Its in the back of your mind, and you cant fight it. Davon has it bad for you, and the only way to heal him is to……..Give up the ass! LMAO

      2. Didn’t Laura and Urkel date at one point? I know they did at least kiss, I remember that. *runs like a bitch*

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