I Will Pop Your Lip So Watch How You Address Me

Is it me,
or am the the only one who thinks 95% of gay men are rude and messy as shit?

It makes no fucking sense to me the attitudes and the whole extra bullshit.

It is sad because you would think that we would be pleasant with each other,
knowing how much we all go through the same struggles.
I find myself just really not wanting to get involved with too many people in the lifestyle.
I keep out these gay clubs and these circles because it is all just messy bullshit.
I am one person who will curse you the fuck out in a nice/nasty way with no hesitation.
I don’t even have to utter one curse word.
I am a master at putting someone in check once they cross that line.
If I am being kind and welcoming with you,
do not take yourself trying to wipe your foot on my back.

I was talking to someone today within the industry,
and they were telling me how messy the gays are behind the ropes.
All the cattiness and the backstabbingand for what?
To be at the top of a pedestal that you can easily get knocked down off of?
I was looking at some pictures at an event I attended on a social networking site recently,
and two of the biggest queens were going at it.


I mean, going the FUCK at it.
Like, someone spat on his mother at church.

Is it that serious?
They were both arguing about who makes most money and has more connects.
Who is the biggest Beyonce fan and who got a better and more expensive wardrobe.
And then confused because people talking about them being gay when then are playing “straight“.


Sadly, their attitudes is what makes them so disgusting.
When I met both of them and they did not know who I was,
one was trying to beat and the other was standoffish.
Now that I have a role and making a name for myself,
the one who is trying to beat is a now bitch,
and the other is trying to be my best friend.

I have made a reputation for myself that I DEMAND RESPECT.
I expect that from my friends, my WOLF, my colleagues, and whoever else.
I don’t care how you treat these other niggas,
but around me you buck up and get your shit together.
I will grab you by the back of your head and:

I also don’t play when it comes to people I am close too either.
I am very protective of people in my circle.
It’s to the point, you HAVE to let people know:
I’m not saying be hell on wheels,
but you have to have a backbone.
But, it is sad that it is within a community we should we feel safe.

So my question is:

Have truly nice people become an endangered species?

6 thoughts on “I Will Pop Your Lip So Watch How You Address Me

  1. So sad but true about gay dudes, I can remember my first house party or set as they used to be called, and I met all these cool or so I thought cool dudes, we talked, laughed and had a good time with each other, the next time I saw them out, none of them said a word to me and looked at me like they didnt even know me. I learned early never to trust people on a first meet, that they are genuine. I run in a small circle and if I pick up you talk too much or messy, I keep you out, loyalty in any kind of relationship is the most important thing to me. As I get older, I really dont care what you think or say about me now, because I know who I am, and if you are somebody I know and you believe what people are saying about me without giving me the benefit of the doubt, then deuces to you as well. Its like you have so many broken gay dudes who project their negativity on others like them, when the larger straight world does not give a damn how much you got or how good you look, they still view as less than or deformed because you are gay. They do not respect you or your relationships. That is one reason I love coming to this blog because its so good to see so many grown ass men who are mature and respectful. I even notice now that this blog has gotten more popular its a few comments from some new people who make me give them the side eye, but I respect their commentary even though I might not agree with it, its only a few places were we can all be heard without approval, and I hope it will always be that way.

  2. I’m genuinely nice…I get it from my parents. However, I have a serious look and have been told that I look mean. That’s a blessing and a curse. It sometimes keeps the good and the bad away.

    People who KNOW me are aware that I am not taking sh!t from anyone. Most know to not even approach me with out. I’ve had to verbally put a few people in check. I have a skill of using words to chop down people when needed.

    But yes, nice people are being replaced by hurt, insecure, heartbroken, and cold-hearted people. Many of them have been wronged & fvcked over.

  3. Yes, nice truly people are endangered. I used to be a bully back in the day. I remember when me and my friends we arguing with this group of boys that lived up the street form me. We couldn’t even ride the damn school bus in peace we would argue so much, that was a mess, and it went on for years. Well since then, I’ve changed my ways and became a whole different person. I became what most people would call, a Mr. Nice Guy. I became nice and respectful to those around me, and I didn’t hate people just because my friends did, or did I pre-judge. I put my friends first, and myself second. Being nice comes with some fake ass people though. Just because you are nice and soft-spoken, people will try and walk over you to get what they want. I can’t tell y’all how many times this shit has happened to me, and that’s the main reason why I have stronger backbone and went back to some of my old ways. I don’t tolerate a lot of shit anymore for people. I don’t care if they think I’m mean or not. It is what it is.

  4. I know this feeling oh so well it’s one of the reasons I don’t do splash or sizzle cause of the mess. I can say I have meet a few genuine people in this community but the majority was lookin for sex. I’m told I look mean but I’m realy a nice person maybe I should stay out the gym lol

  5. Random is right. You come into this community thinking you’re being surrounded by people that understand where you come from and then you’re bombarded with dudes who will do anything to prove that they’re superior to you. Men in this community can be equivalent to the worst kind of women; the catty, manipulative, materialistic, superficial kind.

    Genuine people are few and far between in general and you can usually sense them immediately because they have an authentic aura about them.

    These old queens are the worst though. Life has kicked their ass, they no longer can rely on their fading looks, and they’re being faced with the very real possibility of dying alone.

    Within five minutes of talking to me you’ll know I’m crazy. I will pick you up by your neck and choke the shit out of you. I don’t talk much period.

  6. Honestly? Yes. And sometimes, it’s not their fault. They come into this community nice and friendly and quickly get taught they can’t be that way if they expect to survive.

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