he wasn’t interested in smashin’ me and now i think i’m ugly

i am not the sex app kind of fox.
i came to that conclusion a long time go.
many of us aren’t and thats okay.
i have bagged some sexy ass wolves irl by the vibes give off.

I’m giving eye contact
I’m touching an arm or shoulder
I’m showing hella interest that I’d be interested in that dick
I look good, dress, and smell good
I’m transiting all my sexual energy to whoever I’m into

gay males.
dl males.
curious males.
“would only be gay for you” males.
i feel like i try too hard when i’m on an app vs not paying attention irl.
a foxholer sent me a video of someone looking for a hookup,
but getting turned down in real time and caught on camera…

first off,
he is not ugly.
he is very attractive and i love his glasses.
he has a nice shape and will probably ride a wolf like he is at the rodeo.

we need to stop calling ourselves ugly with no facts to back it up.

There are “ugly” people who are legit in relationships and getting fucked religiously
There are “beautiful” people who are single and lonely

we need to realize that many people will not be into us.
i had a situation where i thought i was gonna get some dick one night but:

in these situations,
this isn’t about us.
try to remember all the times you had success on a sex app.

14 thoughts on “he wasn’t interested in smashin’ me and now i think i’m ugly

  1. First off the Asian guy is a very cute twink and if I came out in a blizzard for some ass then I’m going to get me some ass. This definitely needs more context than what was given here. I don’t play with those type of apps and like someone else said I’d rather be a prude and j/o lol. I rather meet people in person and create a vibe with each other. He should look at it like a blessing in disguise. I’ve learned that you can’t fault yourself for someone else’s bullshit. Their loss! I’m sure he found someone else to fuck lol.

  2. “he has a nice shape and will probably ride a wolf like he is at the rodeo.” Yo when I watched, the FIRST thing I thought was “Dude is cute & look like the 🍑 is good” 😂😂😂

  3. So many questions cos this doesn’t add up.

    Is it staged for social media?
    Is it possible his photo was filtered, or he didn’t look like his photos?
    Did the guy in the car Chicken out or was “HE” a catfish?
    Did the guy in the car know him and was playing a mean joke?
    Who was filming him walk out to the car ?( I can see one camera is a mounted )
    This really doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. @blackisbeautiful
      Thank you. He should’ve gave more context to this situation. The dude could’ve been DL and got cold feet or a bad vibe and left. Also, though not unattractive, his profile could have been a bit deceiving like most of the profiles on those kind of apps. Sometimes rejection especially in these situations has less to do with how you look, and more to do with the fear of getting exposed in some way. We do live in an era where people will record a sex act without the other party’s consent just to upload on their Twitter and OF. Just like how this dude started recording the guy leaving just to post for content which I found weird, I don’t think dude is wack for leaving. ALWAYS follow your gut it could save your life.

    2. Ok the only question I see the answer to is he is using the footage from his phone and his security camera footage that captured everything. You see him on the laptop/pc clicking on the footage. Everything else is a legit question. Did he pull off because he had on Sandals and shorts in a active blizzard? Even if the photos are filtered, how can you tell when its a whole blizzard. His body is not fat, he is actually fuckable, far from ugly. Maybe the dude in the car thought he was lightskin and didn’t like whites or other non blacks. It’s definitely a lot of questions to be asked.

  4. Yea, dude was attractive. The dude in the car was a clown, and I’m mad the video guy even fell for his bs. Talking about ‘come get me’. Gtfoh. These apps are a lot of men’s ‘IG/Twitter’, so they get consumed w all of the stunts and shows and treat them like 1st world problems.

    I also hate the apps. I’d rather just be a prude and j/o than to deal w them for sex. I don’t have the ability to meet guys in public often, because I’m always presumed straight. 99% of the time I meet a guy in public who I find attractive, he actually IS straight. And yall alrdy know how many of the ones who fall along the spectrum feel like their masculinity is challenged if a dude is just as masculine as them. But I digress…

    Tell me where you be goin Jamari! Lol

    1. ^ honestly,
      i’d meet wolves at jobs or through friends going to events and meeting their friends/wolves at the events.

      the eyes and energy was always the biggest clue.
      i missed a few but they would always find me on socials or ask friends about me.

  5. First off the guy isn’t unattractive he was so cute and handsome, Secondly you also have to consider the times that we live in. We live in a hyper superficial society to the point where it’s almost becoming a mental illness. These types of people are so out of touch with reality it’s not even funny. Then you have to consider the homosexual aspect gay men are extremely superficial if you don’t live up to their exacting standards they don’t want anything to do with that person. it’s almost seems like they savor in the idea of being on the giving end of rejection because let’s face it gay men are always on the receiving end of rejection. But I can go on and on and on it’s just not enough space in this post.

  6. Sometimes, it’s covert racism and that’s an important and commonly overlooked fact. in my life (teens & mid 20s) there have been 2-3 men who everything was all good but let’s just say we were of dif cultural backgrounds, and I felt like they didn’t give me the relationship I wanted bc we were cool to talk and text, but when it came time to be coupled it didn’t work and I later found out both (mixed Latinos) were into white men. They’ll try to use other reasons but that’s the basis. This was years before how we call out “colorism” today and before everyone started pandering and pretending they liked Black men and BLM. But even back then, I knew it was bc I’m Black and not foreign . Years later one lost all his looks, the other is broke and asked me for money during the pandemic. God doesn’t like ugly and ain’t fond of cute. 😂😂😂😂

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