i knew when chloe took back shots on that show, it wouldn’t end well for her

chloe bailey doesn’t know her audience.
^this is how much her debut album,
in pieces“,
sold in total to an audience that saw right through her.
didn’t we try to tell her?…

chloe was out here rolling around,
spread eagle

twerking on every surface she could,
and suckin’ on lollipops to appear she was like one of the hoes.
at first,
it was like “aight cool” but then it started becoming try hard.
her biggest issue:

She was appealing to an audience that didn’t fuck with her.

the “megan the stallion and city girls” crowd.
the ones who will twerk on headlights at red lights.
that was not the “chloe x halle” crowd.
i don’t think she should have come out with an album yet.
she should have started small,
released an ep or seven that told a story,
and see what the temperature was from her audience.
her idol,
started off like this when she decided to go solo:

and when that “soul sista/afro chic” act didn’t move any units,
this is what transpired:


even with this,
beyonce wasn’t hypersexual and doing too much.
the same goes for janet how she started.
look at how the other vixens were received they decided to go hyper-hoe:


they aren’t even black and they got ripped to shreds.
i feel like it’s a different ball game for a singer.
rapping vixens play by different rules.
so now chloe is embarrassed,
with her tail between her legs,
and an audience that knows she doesn’t have a high self-concept.

it’s time for a restart.

let’s try “vixen next door with hints of sex appeal” next.
i dunno what that looks like for her but she needs a full revamp.
being sexual is an art and she failed that class.

lowkey: even though the album is a whopping 37 minutes,
which is legit an ep,
i do enjoy it.

18 thoughts on “i knew when chloe took back shots on that show, it wouldn’t end well for her

  1. Well, this young gurl need to learn it’s cheap being whoreish on the stage. Just like strippers and prostitutes you get coin not money that fold

  2. One of the problems with her trying to sell sex is that she’s the female version of what us gays call a twink. I also think she’s TOO talented for the songs she’s trying to sing. It’s obvious she’s dumbing herself down. She can be sexual but it needs to be more of a Janet Jackson That’s The Way Love Goes & less Adina Howard Freak Like Me.

    1. Yes she’s needs to be sensual and have the sex implied while being nonchalantly sexy. 90’s Janet gave that to a T. Every now and then sex it up cuz nothing wrong with expressing yourself but it’s another thing when a year ago you was selling art and now you selling ass yet want to be still taken seriously and cry on social media. That’s why I say pretentious fraud, either own it and say fuck it or be the emotional nerd you really are who just happens to have a really nice bawdy. I feel more comfortable in my body since I’ve gotten in amazing shape and I flaunt it and my sexuality liberally but not to the point of overkill. It’s a balance and most people following me aren’t used to that side of me. I give it to them in doses while also being true to the core of who I am. She will figure it out or go back underground. I wish her well!

  3. Yeah she’ll put out a good solo album once she’s closer to 30. She’ll finally have had a chance to mature and get her sound right. She’s young and I’m clearly not her audience so do you boo! Once she sharpens her pencil and production skills then I’ll tune in. She comes across as a pretentious fraud who in reality is a sexy nerd. Normani is dunso, they wasted way too much time. Poor thang!

    I need everyone to get on the Victoria Monét train because that girl is a talent and she delivers the goods and bops! Ijs!

    I’m surprised Ciara is still around, gotta give it to her because I damn sure ain’t checking for her.

    1. I think “pretentious fraud” is a bit harsh, but I agree that she has to find her “lane”. Time and wisdom will show her that (hopefully). I like the album and agree that it is too short. Waaaaay too short.

      That Victoria Monet girl is one I tried to like but she feels like a female Ne-Yo IMO. Fantastic behind the scenes but I need someone else to “sell” the song. I’ve watched a couple of live performances of Monet’s (based on people hyping the clip up) and she tries hard but gives me meh. I don’t see her ever being an actual “threat” (professionally speaking), but I could be wrong…

    2. Don’t nobody give a damn what you are or ain’t checking for. Ciara damn sure ain’t after all these years, she’s gonna keep focusing on her and doing her without your approval. The fuck.

  4. People are more interested in disliking her than allowing her to mature into her own artist finding her voice along the way. She may be corny, but re-watch her performance of “Where Is the Love” at the Grammys and rest assured her talent is there.

  5. Her problem is it’s too many singles out at once. U put a song out you have to work it. You need to perform it make a tiktok dance and maybe a remix that’s it. Not skip to the next thing . Get placements in commercials

    Take notes from Ciara on how to diversify as an rnb artist. She stays with an endorsement and in a headline. She’s released 3 songs in a year Chloe has dropped about 5-6

    Ciara song is topping urban radio

    Unfortunately rnb is not charting high so you have to play the longevity game if you’re not doing pop or alternative . Sza switched up and made a pop album . Summers new album didn’t do as well in the long run as her debut she’s making an Ep to hold fans over . Maybe Chloe should do some features in the interim. She def doesn’t need her own tour she should be opening for Beyoncé at Renaissance.

  6. People forget no one has had a strong debut in a long time. Doja Kat debut was at number #138 which less sales than this but after she toured and kept performing eventually it went Gold. Folks don’t buy albums lol. Physical album sales are low for everyone. Chloe and Halle Last album Godly Hour debuted with only 24k copies sold and went on to do good and have staying power after they toured and etc. Music artists nowadays don’t have strong debuts unless they’re already have a solid fanbase. Money isnt in music its in endorsements so its wise for her to do films and etc. Lets give her grace though. Folks have been harsh on Chloé since her solo debut and honestly she sings and dances circles around other girls at the moment. Chloe will go on and have a successful career. I like the album I just wish it was longer and more cohesive but that comes witj growth. Those previous songs she released were buzz singles and they did just that create buzz.

    1. ^ the album is 48 on apple charts and her songs in the top 200.
      if i’m wrong,
      please correct me.

      i listen to the album all the time but it goes by so fast.
      not only that,
      all the songs are like 2 minutes.
      this is def a tiktok album than a personal body of work from an artist who,
      in her old group,
      was exceptional.
      chloe x halle last album was so good.
      that album was my topped streamed last year.

      chloe fumbled and honestly,
      this will help her take a step back but she HAS to find her sound and her audience.

  7. It’s her debut album. Doja Cat sold even less on her first album. All Chloe needs to do is go back into the studio and really tune her writing skills and work with more established producers/artist. It would be great if she teamed up with a producer to help create her sound (i.e Brandy and Darkchild or Aaliyah and Timberland).I don’t think her being overly sexy or her sex scene in that show caused her album to sell below expectations. It just boils down to the music wasn’t great.

    1. ^ you are def right on her needing a producer to help her sound.
      that should have been her first step while dropping EPs to see what hit.
      once she found her sound,
      i think it would have all tied together.
      her image never really sold for people.

      as far as doja,
      there are exceptions to the rules.
      chloe may come back stronger with her second album.
      a full revamp needs to be in order tho.

  8. Idk why she felt she needed to go this route. They didn’t have a Mickey Mouse image to start off with. Being in Grownish helped and their music was never child like to need a rebrand of her image. It was just very strange especially to be a protege of Beyoncé and they let this go…

    The girl can write and rearrange beautifully. The Forgive Me live performance from home still one of my favorites. I don’t know why they just won’t let her sing and create a concept album and that be enough.

    It’s like Normani. Her team dropped the ball when she should have debuted in 2018 which was around Love Lies and Calvin Harris song then followed up with Sam Smith. She would have been allowed to be in the general pop and contemporary like Khalid and not forced into the black urban box struggling to get a release

    1. ^ normani took too long and did too much cosplaying of beyoncé in her performances.
      we never got a clear grasp of who she was besides a dancer and for that,
      she doesn’t need an album.

      chloe got hyped off all the attention for her sex appeal but not for the music.
      i dunno why it didn’t clue to her that she is getting wild hype off her body than her music.

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