Evan Klinger Is Reckless With The Mouth (So A Dragging He Gets)

evan klinger.
that is his alleged name.
why would you do the following?
why do we all have to ruin you?
so evan klinger might be in a bad place.
he thought it was in his best interest to cuss out a vixen on a bicycle.
it ended with him calling her a “cambodian n*gger”.
i can’t even via the angry asian man blog

Paula Nuguid says she riding her bike with her 9-year-old daughter, attempting to make a legal left turn, when a man in a Nissan Altima started honking at her and calling her a “bitch.” She confronted the man, rolling up to his window and demanding, “How fucking dare you, you entitled white prick?”

“Oh, shut the fuck up,” he cleverly retorted.

When Nuguid told him, “I can tell you’re not from California,” the man responded,¬†“You fucking Cambodian n**ger, get out of here.”¬†Aaaaaaand there it is. Smile, asshole. You’re about to become internet famous.

Nuguid posted video of the encounter on Facebook, saying “I hope his friends, family, and employer see this.”

…and dragged to hell is where you’re going evan.
well evan jeopardized his cushy job at apple for this nonsense.
i’m glad she got a good facial and his license plate.
say “cheese” muthafucka!

lowkey: do they just attach the word “n*gger” to everything?
these snow jackals are something else.

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13 thoughts on “Evan Klinger Is Reckless With The Mouth (So A Dragging He Gets)

  1. Now you know some of these fools will defend this Edomite knowing he is as wrong as two left shoes. He was wrong plain and simple. A lot of folks like him need to be thankful GOD changed my heart, cause 6 years ago I would have drug him for filth.

  2. False equivalence. He didn’t deny calling her a bitch or driving recklessly. He attempted to rationalize it by suggesting she did something wrong. So no, it’s not the same. If someone drove recklessly around your 9 year old you’d be hot too. What was his reasoning behind taunting her and then spewing a racial epithet? Lots of weak excuses for bad behavior on the drivers part. He deserves to to feel the repercussions he’ll inevitably receive once Apple gets wind of his classless and childish behavior.

  3. She used his race as slur first. He responded to her ignorance with more ignorance. They’re both even, end of story.

    But the online social justice warriors won’t see it that way.

    1. …and being called white is in no way comparable to being called the n-word. Wake up!!!!

  4. White people ain’t playing with us. They are losing thier civility day by day as they lose thier grip on being the majority in Amarica. This is their true nature.

    Has anyone seen the new NRA call to action? They REALLY not playing with us in these streets.

  5. Drag that ass, drag his ass I hope people re tweet over and over until he is jobless and people let him know what an ass he really is, I would have knocked his ass out. Or mase him real good. God forgive me for not turning the other cheek. Drag him back to hell drag that ass.

    1. You wouldn’t have done anything except cry. You are a Keyboard Warrior.

      1. CamN: why so angry at Joe? Why shouldn’t this racist Jewish guy Evan be dragged? Joe didn’t say anything violent should be done to your Evan.

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