The Universe Brings Alex Wilright Into My Foxhole

the universe is real.
i keep telling the foxhole this…
i kept seeing ^him and wanted to know who he was.
like a few months ago.
i would see his pictures and i’m like…


well i saw an image of him the other day on random.
i said i’ll research him later and completely forgot.
you know one of the foxholers randomly delivered him to me?
they wanted to ask me what i thought of him.
i think he is fine as all fuck.
everyone meet alex wilright from cali

and some motion:

aside from his bawdy,
it’s his face that is so appealing to me.
you know i love a good facial...
how his facial structure and jawline is set up>>>>

i’m so glad the universe directed me to who alex wilright is.
he has a lot to be thankful for too.
last year,
alex dislocated his hip and couldn’t walk for 3 months:

…and look how far he has come.
i love a comeback story.
i’ll definitely be keeping up with him now.

lowkey: look at this wrong back…

i can’t deal.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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