Just Enunciate Floyd!

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 6.53.13 PMi guess…
when are worth 380 million dollars,
you don’t need to know your wording?
that was sad to actually type that.
well an f-bi sent a video of floyd mayweather struggling in an “after fight” interview.
the word?
check it out…

giphyso he is a rich fool?
well on the positive,

he can pay one of his hoes or justin beiber to do interviews for him.
i’m trying.
i seriously am.well 50 did out him as an alleged illiterate.
this shouldn’t be a shock when we see him mid struggle.
with all that money tho,
ima need him to do better.
instead of buying boats,
and possibly our lives
lets try a english tutor!

lowkey: i would send him this entry,
but i doubt he would be able to read it.
okay that was mean.
look i said i am trying!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Just Enunciate Floyd!”

  1. Ooh!!!! Jamari shame on you damn it man you shaded the fuck out this man if he could read man! That nigga would met chu outside and beat the soul outta you lol!!!!!!

  2. Hopefully he won’t end up broke like Mike Tyson,Antoine Walker(who lost $100 million,MC Hammer,etc.Floyd can’t read at a fifth grade level so how can he possibly understand legal contracts.Hopefully he has trustworthy people on his team.If not,in ten years we will be reading how he lost $300 million.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I REALLY hope he doesn’t end up broke either. If he does, it’s a sad testament to him and the people he keeps company with!

  3. Oh lord..pI am not a fan of Mayweather..he is ratchet and a lover of money. But he was clearly not meant to be an academic. He is clearly not literate enough to speak standard Aemrican english but he is street wise and controls his money, albeit wild and reckless but he does. So i dont think he is that a fool. I think he should be himself and speak the way that makes him comfortsble. He is just a basic NIGGA

  4. English tutor! How about a kindergarten teacher. That’s where I was taught all the letters of the alphabet and how to sound them out. If he can’t read, can he count? For all he knows, his crew might be swiping thousands from his stash when he isn’t looking. I know I would be.

  5. I actually feel bad for him and yes Jamari I hope he can hire an English tutor or something. I don’t know why people joke him and that was messed up for 50 cent to out him like that.

  6. Lol. Why the dude filming had to giggle at the end? Lmao.

    He needs to seriously try to get some speech lessons and educate himself on how to actually read. We all know the street smart people in the family, and that’s good, but you have to know how to read. Blacks were swindled historically from great fortunes because of the inability to read. People prey on that.

  7. LMAO…Jamari you ain’t right lol.

    He may be a little illiterate, but I got his 48-1 tho….this pipe. Yep, I’d smash…sue me. lol

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