You’re Moving Too Fast (Slow Down!)

5houri will never
(one more of emphasis)
take a 5 hour energy drink again…

so i went out earlier,
got my haircut,
and stopped at the store to pick up a few things.
i was feeling a little tired and needed a pick me up.
well the 5 hour energy stand was sitting at the register.
i picked up a bottle and said:


well i’m regretting that decision.
it was right on it only takes a few minutes for it to work.
what i don’t like it that my body is going faster than my mind.
it literally feels like this:

giphyi have the energy i was looking for,
but it made me way too hyper and “out of control” feeling.
it has me feeling sick.
like i want to throw up.
i hate every minute of this and hope it gets out of my system soon.
another exciting experience for my “when i was dumb ass” folder.

lowkey: this is how i know i’ll never be a good drug addict.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “You’re Moving Too Fast (Slow Down!)”

  1. Yeah I took one of these about 3 years ago for the first and last time. I had gotten so sick my body was jittery, head was hurting, and sick to my stomach never again. I have been afraid to drink any energy drinks since then lol.

  2. it was in the news a couple years ago people died from taking them, im surprised they till selling them

    1. My brother’s best friend died from taking supplements to help him with lifting weights. His wife found him dead on the floor. I’ve always been scared to take supplements or even drink these energy drinks they have on the market because you hear nothing but bad things. Red bull smells soooo damn good…but I will not fuck with that! LOL

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