The Alleged Reason Kerry Rhodes Got Rid of Peanut

helhathnofuryhe’s backkkkkkk.
well kinda.
so i got a f-bi from someone close to the “kerry rhodes/peanut” scandal.
they wanted to let me know peanut was STILL up to his old tricks.
they also wanted to shed some light on why kerry got rid of peanut.
disclaimer: i’m just the messenger!
so allegedly
…and this is all alleged,
but peanut was stealing from kerry.
he was allegedly stealing shoes,
and his clothes.
what he was doing with them is anyone’s guess.
kerry found out and got rid of him on the spot.
so wait…
you mean to tell me that kerry was putting him on private planes,
letting him be the “boss“,
and this fool was being a dumb ass?
is that what you’re telling me?
not only that,
but he allegedly made a new twitter,
( x rhodeskerry ),
to make “2013” happen again.
yeah.847bbe6042022ae0_blair-waldorf-dair-lovers-29497676-500-281this is sad.
does he have friends?

he may need an intervention.
the following goes out to any foxhole with a baller wolf.
he might drop you.
he might not.
if you didn’t set yourself up with a fallback,
because obviously you weren’t thinking,
do not become “a bitter betty”.
bow out gracefully and find yourself someone better.
the best revenge is:

“damn he came up without me.”

got it?
peanut it’s time for you to move on baby boy.
the horse is stinkin’.






…and kerry if you’re looking for help,
i’m available!
you can go to my ( x dossier ) for more details!

lowkey: the f-bi is growing into a movement.
love you all.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Alleged Reason Kerry Rhodes Got Rid of Peanut”

  1. Stealing? Kerry was taking care of Peanut and he was stealing from him, that is fucked up man. If this is true, I bet he doesn’t trust anyone now. The sad thing is, Kerry seems like a cool ass dude who is relationship worthy.

  2. Damn J, you STAY UP on all the latest shit! And for that, I’m grateful. Hehehehehe! When will Peanut realize that Kerry is a PECAN man? When I think of Peanut, I think of that restaurant where they give you roasted peanuts and then you throw the shells on the ground and STOMP ON THEM… 😡 #thatisall 😎

  3. Hell hath no fury like a messy queen scorned. Simpson should just go on his way. He should not be trying to make problems for Kerry Rhodes. I looked at the twitter link that you posted and essentially it just accusations that Rhodes is gay and pleas that Rhodes “come out”. Rhodes looked like a good, caring and attentive boyfriend to Simpson and this it the thanks Rhodes gets!

    I think that tops should boycott Simpson for his misbehavior. “No more dick for you!” What an asshole Simpson seems to be.

  4. Kerry is a douche if that’s the reason for dropping our resident nut. I more think is a new assistant versus a old assistant drama. guys like nut simple once they in the spotlight they good, kerry looks good on the outside but people are a different thing once you gotta live with them . If your man labels your ass as his assistant then know he is paying you for you additional duties when the night come and he is within his right to fire your ass and hire a younger prettier model.

  5. What????????????????? Totally didn’t understand that above comment … If someone is stealing from the hand that feeds them … then they gone! This queen has gone too far and it’s tired. Kerry must have been making his ass talk at night!!!!

  6. Why would he let this fag into his world? What are they going to talk about at his funeral when he dies? How he was the supposed scorned lover who always outed Kerry Rhodes online? What a sad existence but this is Kerry’s fault. He shoulda had a better screening process.

  7. Kerry seems nice but he should share some blame in this. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder would have seen Peanut was trouble from five miles away on a moonless night. You don’t let messy gay peeps like that into your inner circle. Period.

  8. This crazy ass Peanut has messed up everything for other people who could possibly get the chance to have a professional baller in a descret fashion, so when one can get involve stay lowkey and keep your business and theirs out of the streets!

      1. I saw the convo and its clearly Hollywood. He wont stop wit wanting attention. Making so many fake accounts. Boy bye. Pitiful just pitiful.

  9. I hope this not true because that is so stupid of him. I mean look at him, he’s not that cute and way too feminine and probably painted Kerry’s dick every now and then, he had a once in a lifetime to date a handsome man with a great body and money.

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