When The Baller Wolf Cums (2 The Rescue)

we fucked.
real good too.
right over there by that window.
you can’t see the window,
but it is the room sized one that overlooks the entire high line down in the meat packing district.
new yawk.
i wanted him to pack all his 8″ of latex covered meat inside me in front of that window.
that kind of voyeuristic shit turns me on.
even though he is in the public eye…

…he also has a thing for getting caught.
i love that.
a lot.
it’s not like anyone could see us any way.
he booked a room on the 18th floor.
that is pretty high up.
everyone looked like ants from the view.
unless they had binoculars,
they could see the sex show.

“i’m exhausted.” he said,
breathing hard as be plopped back onto the bed,
“i ain’t work that hard since training camp.”

he is a baller wolf,
by the way.
he plays professional football for the ny giants.
3 years in.
running back.
(platinum paid pipe).
he was worth the nagging for me to leave my crib today.
i’ve been sort of a hermit as of late and didn’t want to be bothered.

“well i like to put you to work.” i said,
kissing him on his curved pink lips.

we met through my home girl.
she was having a dinner party at her new spot.
he showed up unexpectedly.
when he walked in,
i could not stop staring.
his 6’0 and 210 lb frame could not be ignored.
neither could his chest in his ripped “kanye inspired” sweater.
i always dreamed of having sex with that “type”,
but i’m always left to assume they’re straight.
the ones on instagram scream “straight” and usually have ulterior motives.
i don’t like guessing games.
it should not be all that work to get some dick.
well it wasn’t until my homegirl hit me with a text the next day.

“i got a friend who wants to holla.
you seeing anyone?”

when she tried to hook me before,
i went off on her.
she didn’t get it right at all.
i think i banished her low key.

“you trying to hook me up with one of the seven dwarves this time?”

i think you gonna like this one tho…”

that i did.
i liked him so much that we fucked on our first meet up.
he picked me in his range and took me to some quiet restaurant out in jersey.
a place no one would really know who he was.
it was far,
but the food was good.
after a few drinks,
and comfort levels dropping,
we got a hotel room right after.
i wanted it.
i know.

“jamari is a hoe.”

well shit,
i don’t mind.
if you saw him,
what he was wearing,
and how good he smelled,
you would have wanted it too.
i don’t play the “please think i’m a classy fella” shit.
he had my nose wide open and i wanted to fuck.
…and boy did he?
he fucked me the way i like.
aggressive and dominate.
as soon as we walked in the room,
he literally pulled my clothes off.
he undressed,
grabbed a condom,
bent me the whole over,
and slowly pushed it in.

“damn you tight af.” he said,
pushing the head of his dick into my hole.

“it’s been a while.”

after fingering and eating,
he finally got it inside.
i arched my back and braced myself for the ride.
i had to tell him to stop a few times because he was going ham inside me.

take this shit…”

after that,
he got on top,
and put my legs on his muscular shoulders.
the site of his brown body on top of me gave me chills.
the way his pecs and abs looked.
i busted without even having to touch myself.
a nice face and bawdy is my weakness.
he had both.
as he stroked me,
he kissed me passionately.
i don’t know if it was the drinks,
but i felt “something”.
besides his dick hitting my g spot over and over.
i felt this warm feeling inside me.
it wasn’t ejaculation,
but that feeling of:

“i think i love this dude because he’s fuckin me so good”

a common enemy to all of us who play the “bottom” position.
thank God i’m not equipped to have cubs.
i’d be a single father of 20.

“where you want it?” he asked,
as he got ready to nut.

“right here.” i pointed to my chest.

he pulled out,
took the condom off,
and jerked his sweet juice all over me.
he was panting hard,
but was a gentleman enough to get a hand towel to wipe me off.

i expected him to tell me get dressed so he could bring me home,
but he laid up with me and we just talked.
i wanted a round two,
but i didn’t want to look like a nympho.
as we talked,
i learned about him and his childhood.
how he managed to stay “straight” in a league full of homophobes.
he watched how his own teammates talked about gays.
they acted like they were tolerant in news broadcasts,
but in the locker room it was another story.
he even told me about the many beards i’ve seen him with online.

“wait wait wait…
so you wasn’t really dating that pop star?” i asked,
pulling up close to him like a father telling a child a bedtime story.

her people met with my people.
she wanted more exposure.
i wanted to get more endorsements…
the rest is history.”

“did you fuck her?”

she is a lesbian.
we cool tho.
party together and shit.
she good people.”

i gasped because she always looked so man hungry in the media.
he kept mum on her private life,
but told me more about his.

“why do you trust me with this info?” i asked,
rubbing his chest,
“you don’t even know me that well.”

“you don’t seem like the type to be trife.
i dunno…
i get good energy from you.”

well shit,
we fucked on our first official “date”.
i thought he would look at me like some common slut bag.
for the next year,
we kept in contact religiously.
he would send me funny memes,
“good morning/evening” texts,
and even watch full blown movies/tv shows over the phone.
we would flirt type heavy.
sexting and phone sex was the norm.
every time we saw each other in person,
which wasn’t a lot,
we fucked like animals to make up for lost time.
his bawdy was getting bigger and more defined as the months went on.
he was “dating” this new starlet for pr so it started taking up a lot of his time.
it was getting hard to keep up with him since she came in the picture.

he randomly hit me up.
i lost my job and been high key depressed.
he told me he would send a car to bring me to the standard hotel.
i didn’t want to go because i was looking crazy.
no haircut so i’m woofin,
but i was horny af.
the selfie he sent me with no shirt on got me up outta bed to fleet.
i did the best i could with my hair and outfit andddddddd…
here we are.

“things are so weird right now.” i said, laying back on the pillow.

“what you mean?” he asked,
rolling over to look at me.

“i don’t have a job,
food is running low,
unemployment is giving me the run around,
and my bills are piling up.
look at me!
since when you ever seen me looking like this?”

you are looking a little scruffy.”

“shut the fuck up!” i yelled jokingly,
punching him on his arm.

“how much you need?” he asked.


“how much you need to help you get by?”


i mean,
we just had sex and now he is trying to give me money.
let’s make jamari fox feel like a prostitute.

“don’t talk back to me pineapple!” he raised his voice,
“what you need?”

“i don’t know.”

ima send you 10,000 to your paypal.
ima wire you 10,000 every week.
is 50k good?
that should help you get off your feet.”

is he serious?
he has to be kidding.

“50k deondre?

“if that is too little then let me know.”

“no it’s not,
but when that runs out,
what happens next?”

i got you.”

i need a career,” i sat up and looked at him,
“i’m so thankful for what you are trying to do,
and trust i’ll take it,
but i need to be poppin’.
i can’t be some groupie who gets money to do nothing all day.”

“you aren’t a groupie to me tho.”

i know,
but life is passing me by and i’m feeling stuck because of everything that has happened as of late.”

“i feel you.” he said,
fiddling with his phone.

i heard notification on my phone go off soon after.
when i grabbed it,
i saw:

“you received 10,000 USD from deondre ______”

i screamed internally,
but i gave him a hug.
i did need the money.
it’s been crazy.
shortly after,
i gave him some much deserved head.


you can’t get 10k put into your account and not show gratitude with your mouth.
after i sucked him off,
i had him call a car for me so i could bounce.

“when will i see you again?” i asked,
pulling up my drawz.

“i gotta go to miami to get some training in this week.
i need to start getting prepared for the upcoming season.
i’ll be back in new yawk probably in two weeks.
we can link then.” he replied,
heading towards the bathroom.

“aight cool.
let’s do dinner when you get back.”


i got the call that the car was downstairs.
he smacked me on my ass as i gave him a kiss.
i left.

as i sat in the tinted black navigator back to my crib,
i got a call.
it was number that wasn’t familiar.

“hello?” i answered.

is this jamari fox?” the unfamiliar voice asked on the other end.

this is he.”

“my name is jordan ramses.
i am the editor for _________ magazine.
you were refered to me by deondre _______ today.
he spoke very highly of you and said you would be perfect to write for the magazine.
we are actually looking to fill the role for a new entertainment writer.
would that be something you would be interested in?”

oh my…

Written by Jamari Fox (C) | 3/6/17 | 1:30pm

lowkey: something told me write a story while in the bath today.
i’m went with that feeling.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

41 thoughts on “When The Baller Wolf Cums (2 The Rescue)”

  1. Haven’t had one of these in a while. Good writing J. Hopefully a similar situation will come through for you.

  2. Wait, Jamari. Is this actually true? Are you pullin my arm. Please tell me this is not no E. Lynn Harris story, cause I’mma be gasping for air now. Your story sound so true especially about connections and how they open doors cause I can relate to your situation.

    1. ^lol no it’s a story i wrote.
      i use to write stories but i put it on hold.
      something told me to write something today and give it my all.
      that is the finish product!

  3. You need to post a warning the next time.I didn’t need to read this while waiting for my elderly aunt to come out of the doctor’s office.😂

    OK I didn’t see “cum” in the title.My bad

  4. Jamari you’ve made me come out of lurkville…lol!!! I’ve missed your short stories. One of my favorites is the one you wrote a few years ago about the music studio.

  5. Dude!!! Please start writing again!!!!!!! This was so good, I didn’t want it to end… lowkey inspired me to start back! I used to write all the time – jumpdrives full of stuff – but I got away from it (you know…work, life, etc)

  6. OMG!!! You really do need to be writing for somebody, damn I thought it was real… you are a super talented writer…please write more!!!! Great job!!! 👍🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  7. *clutches pearls like a sanctified first lady of a black baptist church* SWEET BABY JESUS OF MARY! Jamari Fox out here writing like he is Zane chile! Jamari Fox, now what perverted spirit told you to write this erotic short story? Huh? I needs to know so I can put you on the prayer list for getting a book deal baby! Yaaaas! I loves me a good erotic story!

  8. You DID that! I’ve been a reader of “gay” fiction for a long time, though I didn’t know this was fiction until you made it plain, you weave a “true lie” as good as I’ve ever read. CRVBOY dot com has some of the best story line based gay fiction that I’ve read so far. The bummer is the characters are 99% white. I’m not insinuating that you’re only a gay fiction writer, however we need 1 pseudonym from you and PROLIFIC content in this lane. You have “it.”

    1. ^thank you nevets.

      i wanted to make sure people knew this was fiction before this ended up on mto lol
      but i see what you’re saying.
      im looking for the direction/plot of where id take the characters and write a book.

  9. You know what?!?!?!??! I think it is safe to say you are becoming the fox I hate to love and love to hate. You cannot be the Erstwhile Guru and Purveyor of all things Meat, Leakage, and Shady, AND Mr. Zane as well. I call foul…..

    Nicely done sir!!!

  10. I HATE YOU JAMARI!!!! I hate you first because it was too short, i was like “no no no i need more”, and i hate you more because i realized it wasn’t a real story. I felt so stupid because i actually googled “deondre new york giants” altho i was like “it’s probably not his real name, jamari wouldn’t give that kind of info, but let’s see”. I’m mad at you right now!!!! The story is really really really supa good.

  11. Man I was like 🗣🗣yay go Jamari you deserve it!! I was so into that..I hope this happens for you one day a (love/friend) like that..hell for me as well

  12. BOIII!!😊😅

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