When Unemployment Finally Rings

i was feeling pretty down today.
i’m my most creative when i’m depressed.
i was also tired.
sleep did not happen last night.
the deadline was today and i still had heard nothing from unemployment.
well as i watched the latest episode of “hbo girls” earlier,
i finally got the call.
it was like…

they gave me the third degree on that phone.
the last gig said i was let go for “performance issues”.
the older vixen wanted to know:

everything that happened
who i was spoke to
what was said in meetings
did they follow up with reviews

i told her everything that went down as honest as i could remember.
she said she would make a decision by tomorrow.
more waiting.

10 thoughts on “When Unemployment Finally Rings

  1. Hi Jamari,

    I went through the same thing. I had several calls with unemployment and they grilled me. It is sad that you can work and be a productive member of society one day and be on trial the next. I know exactly how you feel. After all the phone calls I was DENIED. I felt hopeless but you are given an opportunity to appeal. Although I did not think it was worth trying I sent the form in for an appeal and met with the trial people (I’m sorry but I cannot remember which office it was) . I sat down and told the lawyer or whatever he was what happened at work and what unemployment said. I think it was a few weeks later I received notification that my unemployment benefits would begin. I was able to collect I believe the entire process took a couple of months before the benefits started. During this time and just before the trial I found a local volunteer office that helped people with issues like unemployment and a nice lawyer told me that my benefits should not have been denied. He was going to even come to the tri al with me but had another case and basically made suggestions to me about what I should do at the trial. Google search to see if you have resources in your area if you think you need that assistance. I hope that all of this helps at least a little.

      1. Jamari,

        It was not meant to make you feel sick. It took a little time but it turned out ok. I think the point I was trying to make is that although it was difficult I was able to get my benefits. The lawyer told me that it would take a “willful” and “deliberate” act on my part to deny the benefits. Although I did not follow rules it was not willful. The unemployment office and employer will sometimes deny you because they make it so easy and people give up but the point is don’t give up. Don’t sit there in fear. I’m sorry I spent so much time scared of what the outcome was going to be. Get up and fight that **** tooth and nail.

  2. To qualify for unemployment insurance you must prove that you were fired or laid off WITHOUT any progressive discipline or performance reviews related to the reason you were terminated. In most states employers will try to block a worker from getting unemployment insurance by showing evidence that progressive discipline was in fact enforced. Meaning they wrote you up for some workplace infraction. If there is ZERO proof that progressive discipline was applied to the infraction resulting in the employee’s termination, then you are cleared to receive your benefits. All the unemployment commission wants to know is: Were you given fair written warnings for the violation in question? It doesn’t matter what you were terminated for, they want to know if you were warned and given the opportunity to correct the issue.

    Not sure if this applies in all states but it should.

    1. This Shit is ridiculous. You were laid off. Why in the hell would the give you a severance if the fired you? You may need to contact the HR Department to make sure they are not insinuating this to any of your potential employer that this the reason why you have are no longer with them. Get something in writing man cause they on that bullshit!!!

  3. They giving you the run around man. I haven’t gotten unemployment since the 00’s but damn man, have things changed that much? I remember just calling them and getting a green check but the end of the week.

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