Baller Wolf, Nic Harris, Is Back On The Grid

nic harris.
nfl baller turned personal trainer/actor/model wolf.
we have talked about him a few times within the foxhole.
he is good wolfie people and also very intelligent.
i love listening to him talk with his big words ‘n’ shit.
well nic vanished for a while.
last i know,
he went to italy to play ball and went off the grid.
well ^that picture came bouncing down my twitter timeline.
it caught my attention with the quickness.
i had to go sniffin around and well…


isn’t he handsome?
do you hear how he talks?

he is also one of the most fashionable of the baller wolves as well.
he knows how to throw together a nice outfit.
i’ll continue to allow nic.
i see he has set his sights on hollywood now.
i hope his future endeavors are a shirtless and successful one.

lowkey: nic is one of the first baller wolves i featured on the foxhole!
always love!

*pictures/videos credited: nic harris

8 thoughts on “Baller Wolf, Nic Harris, Is Back On The Grid

    1. He is a good guy and family man and takes care of this KIDs… You need to re release those FRIGO images you the FOX HOLE can see the the goods ….

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