i’ve joined the cult with others frying their brains out too.
i’ve accepted my fate and will walk with my head held high.
so 2 weeks ago,
i was craving pizza heavy.
just like when i have the idea to hop on a dating app,
The Universe sends me something that turns me tf off completely.
i saw ( x this ) news story the day i was gonna order.
i did the dorothy face shortly after i read it:

something told me to check out all the restaurant grades in my area.
the violations of “evidence of rats/mice” made my head spin.
after my soul came back to my bawdy,
i decided to order something that i’ve heard folks raving about.
i didn’t know much about it before i did some research,
but i was sold after all the reviews…

I am now part of the air fryer community.

i ordered ^that model from dreo off amazon.
after a week of using it,
i can confidently font that i’m turned the entire F out.
i’m trying to figure out why fries taste way better in an air fryer?
i was doing a test run on frozen foods,
but everything i’ve cooked in it came out perfect.


i see people cooking full-blown meals in an air fryer.
mine came with a recipe book that blew my scalp back.
a leg of lamb,
and a whole damn chicken.
what a time to be alive foxhole.
it’s like all the millenials had a community meeting and said:

“How can we make life and things easier for us?”

the days of slaving in the kitchen are cut in half now.
the only time i’ll eat out is if i go to a resturant.
other than thatttttttttttttt…

lowkey: i wish my mother and star fox were alive during these times.
if only they were here to experience tech life with me.
the last thing my mother had was a cellphone and a bluray player.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. My air fryer is amongst the most basics but even still. It really does make reheating sooo much better. And it’s the only way I’ll reheat fries now. I still don’t use it for everything, but I did make some honey garlic chicken with it that came out bomb af. Definitely check out some more recipes for it and trust me when I say there are A LOT. Only thing is you might want to add your own seasonings for them, you know why.

  2. Good for you. I have used one before and I loved it. It broke after about a year. It was a different brand than Dreo. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions well. I think that mine recommended cleaning after each use.
    Maybe I didn’t do that well enough.

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