the trans vixen came like a tank for durrell babbs

you know i lust me some durrell babbs aka tank.
so in responding to mailk yoba’s “breakfast club” interview,
where malik spoke about his love for trans-vixens,
tank found himself allegedly getting exposed in the process.
he fonted this:

i didn’t take it in a negative tone.
well trans vixen,
shauna brooks,
this is what she responded courtesy of “nique and nite“…

but wait…

I thought males who enjoyed the company of trans-vixens were still “straight”?

if he did get munched on by a trans-vixen,
i don’t get the drag.
someone else came for him in the comments as well:

ever since tank was transparent and admitted he liked his groceries eaten,
it has set off alarms for folks.

Many straight wolves love getting their tail’s licked

some of them even love getting strapped up.
shaming his sexual choices is really pathetic to me.
aside from that,
there is really no evidence tank gets down.
if he did,
i’d definitely be trying to get a piece of that short protein bar.


i want alla that short stuff.

some of the trans community is rather interesting to me.
they scream about wanting acceptance,
but go about outing and shaming males who are interested.
i don’t understand it.
when gay males do it,
they’re dragged.
when the trans-vixens do it,
it’s “okay” because they have this harder life than the rest of us.
some claim their struggle is much more difficult than the gays.
it’s all very confusing to me.
i know something:

We all need to stop shaming males for being curious and exploring their sexuality and sexual acts

if a male decides he wants to partake in the festivities,
he shouldn’t be made to feel horrible about it afterwards.
it only leads to rampant homophobia and continuous self hate.

screen shots provided by: nique at nite

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “the trans vixen came like a tank for durrell babbs”

  1. Tank is one of my faves. Going to see him and Fantasia next month on their tour. Some gays and trans people are so hostile and think everyone is our enemy. Tank has ALWAYS been supportive of the LGBT community

  2. I say it all the time if you claim yourself to be a woman then why out & shame these straight men when they piss you off, but I get called transphobic 🙄
    Oh yea & I believe Shauna she always keeps it 💯 but she’s soooo dramatic

          1. I live for you. You make the simplest facts sound so funny. I’m not sure. I don’t follow her.

  3. why is it some ppl want everyone else to know who is doing what bh closed doors. If a brother wants to talk about it fine…if not, fine too. Even though the dl segment is complex in terms of varying reasons, I’ve had some models tell me they’d never publically talk about what they do bh closed doors and with whom bc homophobia in the black and latino communities is alive and well.

  4. Man, all this shit is crazy as hell! I can’t imagine being a black man today in these streets lol! Now, this is what I’m trying to figure out do gays and transsexuals have it out for straight black men? Cause it seems to me that gay men and transsexuals have a love-hate relationship with straight black men do they low-key envy them or on some level, they want to get back at them for society treats them? And what perplexes me is people in this society never have this same energy towards white men and or non-black men who are capable of doing the same exact behavior, please make me understand what do the LGBT community want from these men?

    1. They want the straight man to want them but when they dont its w problem…hello..they straight!! go find the gay and bisexual duded..there are plenty. I dont have a lot of respect for shauna. she brags and boasts about scheming to get her money and pay for her hormones and outs men who dsbble out of curiosity or who arent ready to come out yet. Its way too exhausting for me

  5. This is the very reason we don’t have more representation of some black men feeling comfortable with expressing their sexual wants and needs with partners. Black men are not given the full freedom to be who they want to be sexually in our cultural community for fear of backlash, so they will continue to do things behind closed doors. I wish people would stop spilling tea when the situation doesn’t call for it!!

  6. Leave Tank alone. He admits he loves getting the booty eaten like groceries and is one of the few that actually performs at Pride. I live for him. Unproblematic, talented and handsome.

        1. He’s High School Musical in real life. That man left football to sing. YES!!!! (Patti Labelle clenched fist catching the Spirit Gif)

  7. If anybody paid attention in sex ed classes or biology then they would know that the male erogenous zone is the prostate..there is only one way to get to it….any man who says they would enjoy some anal stimulation (doesnt mean getting fucked in the ass, hasnt had a real male orgasm.

  8. I don’t know when this movement started but this ass licking stuff is way outta hand & I bet the majority of them probably don’t clean their asses properly…but who knows. Maybe a rich celeb has enough money to get his bootyhole waxed and bleached monthly. 😬

    I’m going to take a guess at that drag. I feel most transgender females have to be weary of “straight males.” While, most these dudes readily say they are attracted to females or the feminine aspect of a transgender goddesses, if they ever wanted to settle down & have kids, the “straight” man would go find someone else, namely a natural born female to give that to them. They also seem to make their way back to the other side when a female can’t give them something they want, (suck his dick upside down or in some degrading manner or lick his ass or some other kinky strange stuff, like peg him regularly.)

    So he slides on over to the LGBTQ clique. In their messed up minds, as long as it looks like a woman he can give it a pass get his pleasure on the side from a transgender or “gay side piece” and focus on the main prize, a real female.

    Remember in Dear White People Season 3 when ole girl was curious & slept with the other one but then got anxious and dipped out leaving the other girl to look like a damn fool?

    Gays used to have this discretion about bisexual men.

    Sorry, not sorry but people are not here for your curiosity and to string along because you are testing things out. Save all that for high school.

    I’m trying to rally the difference between a straight man that sexes a transgender female and a gay or bisexual man that sexes a transgender female.

    How can a heterosexual man who sleeps with a transgender female still be straight? And I know none yall in the foxhole are brand-new. Not all transgender females have had their penis removed yet and a lot of these straight dudes be and still getting smashed by them but we still calling them straight? Huh?

    Also, while there is technically nothing wrong with a straight man liking anal play….I do call into question some of these “trends”. Gay men have been having butt sex for thousands of years because well we don’t have a pussy. Also, anal sex was used as a sign of dominance over the enemy by some of these guys in the past or rituals but aside from that anal sex between males is about intimate as two men can get if they are emulating heterosexual sex.

    But there should be absolutely no reason a straight man should want anything up his ass because there is no need for him to since he is dating something that doesn’t even have a dick. I’m not gonna go full out like I usually do & do name calling but I am pulling a heavy bisexual card.

    The only way a man would want something up his ass is if he’s been thinking about getting f**ked and making a woman put on a fake d**k & then trying to defend it as straight…Please. These men crave d**k & use women & trannies as an scapegoat to allude to conceal their bisexual desires.

    For me, the problem has never been gay men, lesbians or trans genders dragging folks. It’s always been straight people that enforce their biblical ideals on the perfect heterosexual union between a man and a woman….until they find out their basic sex life is vanilla af & they wanna go creep on the other side of fence on the low.

    These straights will argue up and down that what they are doing is normal because it’s with the opposite sex, then turn around and make a woman wear a strapon and peg them…only to turn around & say, “The Bible said man shall not lie with a man. It is an abomination.”….but I guess it’s alright if he let a woman stick her tongue in his ass or wear a strap on and pretend she’s a dude or whatever. This is perfectly normal, even heterosexual… and a lot of gay men support it too because it will be easier to get him to try gay sex…🙃

    End of post humor:

    God: I will create an opening that shall serve as an exit. It shall be where all the harmful things your body doesn’t need be released.

    Mankind: Oh, let me stick my tongue in it.

    God: *facepalm*

  9. Trans people like that chipmunk grilled Shauna Brooks are cancer. Trash humans. What was the need of doing that? IT needs to take notes from Sidney Starr who now has been blackballed for the longest for lying on Chingy a decade ago.

    Anyway Tank is built like a brick house and is looking HEALTHY! That body is something else.

  10. I never understood the shaming either. You cannot shame those that are interested and engage in activities with members of your community, especially since you identify as a woman, which means that any man that is involved with you is still a straight man. People love to preach about acceptance and wanting people to be honest about who they are attracted to, then shame them when it is convenient.

  11. Why do most black trans behave like flamboyant gay men? If you are truly transitioning into a female why continue to behave like anything but?

    Biological Black Females don’t behave like the average Black Trans woman.

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