larenz tate and “sex scene” always go very well together

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

can i start off by fontin…

I’m GLAD they changed the theme song to “Power” back!

heavy on the exclamation point.
they should have known that wasn’t going to go over well.
so i’ve been catching up on my shows this weekend.
i decided to check out the 2 episodes i’ve missed on “power“.
larenz tate,
one of my fav acting wolves,
was up to debut his sex scene on episode 3,
forgot about dre“.




this was me on my pillows:

i wonder what his wife thought?
he had his hand on full cheek.
i thought omari hardwick was king of a good sex scene on the show.
larenz came for that throne.
besides looking good,
i know he gives it good too.
that scene sold that fantasy for me.
that was also 50’s directorial debut as well.
i could tell by all the violence within the episode.
larenz talked a little about 50 directing his sex scene on angie martinez:

starts @8:00

can you believe he is 44?
he still looks so young,
but aging like fine wine.
can we ask for more sex scenes this finale season of “power”?
if not,
we riot.

12 thoughts on “larenz tate and “sex scene” always go very well together

  1. Larenz has always been likable and is easy on the eyes. All around he is a very attractive man, and I enjoyed seeing the goods.

  2. Ugh oh.. It’s Larenz Tate…well, I’ll just keep my mouth closed about some things but he is attractive. There was a pornstar who has him beat though and favors him heavily. His name is Larenz Taste and he has the body and a bubble butt. 🤤😍

    1. Right!! He’s the right kinda older gentleman for me. Cat daddy with his short ass. 😋

  3. As your Brista and fellow media colleague. Please do some research on his stance around the LGBTQIA community.

  4. He has the body of a 16 year old honestly & he HAS AGED, & he LOOKS IS AGE cause 44 is young! I wish y’all would stop with this whole black don’t crack stuff

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