“Danger Dick”: The 50 and Aunt Viv Chapter

i don’t ever want to meet a wolf like this.
well i think i nearly did.
nothing worst than someone getting into your head and have sprung af.
various reasons like:

his mind blowing sex
your loneliness
his mind games
your biological clock ticking
his way with words
your kind nature
his hot/cold attitude
your lack of self love/worth

…and then you’re wrapped up like a fox with an anaconda.
50 and vivica a. fox strike me as that type.
so aunt viv has a new book out called “everyday i’m hustling”.
in the book,
she has a whole chapter on her past relationship with 50.
this is what she had to tell “build series” about it…
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The Smiths Get A “Blast From The Past” Dragging

Dark-Aunt-Viv-Fresh-Princeeveryone can agree that the janet hubert,
the original “aunt viv” on the “fresh prince of belair”,
was the best one.
that light skinned-ed animal who replaced her was a snoozer.
well according to forests,
janet didn’t get along with will smith and he allegedly had her fired.
key word: allegedly.
when jada made her message about boycotting the oscars,
i had a feeling janet was going to respond.
well that she did.
this is what she had to say via facebook

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