Donald Trump Is A Great Debater Under Pressure

can we quickly talk about the press conference that trump had yesterday?
i’m moreso disgusted at this part on that shit show…

watch @53:37

is this how he is gonna answer questions?
i feel he gonna get impeached and mike pence will take his place.
i sorta feel that is the real plan.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is A Great Debater Under Pressure”

  1. I’m sorry but I just can’t watch this man period he’s dumber than squirrel blind as bad dumb as a mice isn’t worth a second look at all

    1. Yeah, I don’t watch anything related to chump either. It’s a “turn the channel/keep scrolling” type thing these days. The election was more than enough coverage of that …being. Over it.

  2. He is not Presidential. Donald Trump is not used to having to answer to anyone…he now has a job and title that he has to answer for. This showed us that he AND his team, are not ready for the Big Chair. If you make them mad, they won’t answer your questions and they will try to belittle you. He likes Fox news because they kiss his ass and have him on a pedestal, which is what he likes. Anyone that talks against him…look out.
    His press secretary is a rude little fuck as well.

  3. There’s no way that clown is going to last 4 years. He would be laughable if he didn’t surround himself with so many dangerous people.

    What type of evil narcissist says the first thing he plans to do in office is take away people’s healthcare. Not fix the issues but to take it away.

    Trump nominated a known racist to head the Department of Justice. The last time he was nominated, even Republican’s wouldn’t allow it because he was too racist.

    1. Trump is a follower. He jumped on the I’ll repeal Obamacare bandwagon late in the game during the primaries…after so many of the other candidates were saying it. He’ll say one thing, get caught in a lie, and say that he didn’t say/do it. His followers will defend him tooth and nail, no matter if he’s wrong.
      How can you look at yourself in the mirror?

      he talked about so many people, but then turns around and offers them jobs! And their dumb asses talk to him! I would be like GTFOH.

      I will not compromise my integrity and honor for the sake of a political party…that would turn on me in a heartbeat! Republicans scare me, because for them…it’s all about power. Nothing else matters.

  4. I give Trump 60 to 90 days after his inauguration to be president and the impeachment proceedings will begin. He will not last a full term. Bet!!!

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