how do you put yourself first?

i have this need,
maybe a want,
to always put people before my own happiness.
i can live in my head a lot and that casts the most doubt about myself.
for instance…

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i found my first “work wolf” crush and i can’t stop stalking his social media

it’s pretty easy to fall into destructive habits on social media.
before “snap” and “ig“,
if we weren’t in someone’s life any longer,
we truly didn’t know what was happening with them.
it isn’t until we run into them in the supermarket,
or get word of their death,
is when we’ll get an update.
it’s easy to become a lowkey stalker these days.
for the last week,
that has been me.

I found the first wolf that was my first crush

my first “work wolf”,
sans a working environment.
the one who literally opened the door to alla this.
we all have that one.
i fucked up…

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Donald Trump Is A Great Debater Under Pressure

can we quickly talk about the press conference that trump had yesterday?
i’m moreso disgusted at this part on that shit show…
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Does Serge Ibaka Have An Anaconda In His Sweats?…

…or is he happy to see me?
i want to say keri hilson won a little bit.
sure she is the running joke amongst town hall crazy beyonce stan meetings,
where they plot more ways to look crazy,
but she managed to capture this



…to comfort her from all the crazy stan abuse and buy her pretty things.
 keri can we pow wow for a sec.
is this picture fact or fiction?…

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The Tail of Jamari’s First Date

First dates.

That is a phrase most of us haven’t heard in a while.
Some of ya’ll: NEVER.

“A date? wtf is that?”

You have to make sure you look good, find the right fit,
and lastly – wonder if he was impressive enough to give him some of that ripe booty.

Wolves and Foxes don’t date anymore.
We kind of just fuck our way into things.
No going to a low-key restaurant and getting to know each other.
Maybe even go grab drinks at a sports bar and talk.
It is date at the crib, boil some sausages, and then deep throat the Wolf’s other sausage.
You know how it goes these days.

Is dating dead amongst Foxes and Wolves?

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