The Tail of Jamari’s First Date

First dates.

That is a phrase most of us haven’t heard in a while.
Some of ya’ll: NEVER.

“A date? wtf is that?”

You have to make sure you look good, find the right fit,
and lastly – wonder if he was impressive enough to give him some of that ripe booty.

Wolves and Foxes don’t date anymore.
We kind of just fuck our way into things.
No going to a low-key restaurant and getting to know each other.
Maybe even go grab drinks at a sports bar and talk.
It is date at the crib, boil some sausages, and then deep throat the Wolf’s other sausage.
You know how it goes these days.

Is dating dead amongst Foxes and Wolves?

I remember my first “date” as a Fox.
I was a young cub and of course, I met him online.
Now, this is when online dating was still fresh and new.
Real Wolves were on those sites actually looking for connections.
Well one day, this one faceless default picture hit me up.
He was real persistent about wanting to meet me after I opened my pictures.
I saw his and he was attractive enough to meet.
So, I obliged and he told me to meet him in the bookstore downtown.


I will admit that I was real wack back then.
I was still good-looking but I had no style and def no swag.
I was young and inexperienced, in every sense of the word.

So when he showed up, I was blown away.
He was finer than his pictures.
Nice thick muscular build with and had some nice pink lips.
He also wanted to prove something to me.
This mofo was actually an accomplished writer.
He showed me a whole row of books he had written.

I’m yours.

That night he took me to dinner and a movie,
all of which he paid for on his platinum American Express card.

Again, I’m yours.

He tried to kiss me in his truck when he brought me home, which I was a little nervous.
I hesitated, thanked him for the nice evening, and got out.

“why didn’t you kiss me tonight?” he asked, calling me as soon as he got home.
“i dunno…” i replied.

Yeah, I said “I dunno”. LOL

Next weekend he took me out, he invited me to this nice spot that served only seafood.
It was expensive and low-key, but alas he whipped out his trusty card to handle it all.
This mofo was telling me how he wants to teach me how to write and blah blah…
He even wanted to have me be on the cover on one of his books.
I listened, while eating my shrimp (i love shrimp!) dish and sipping on my red wine.
Only problem is, he was downing his.

EXTRA TURN OFF: He was drinking so much that I had to wonder how was he getting home.
One because he lived in the suburbs and two, he drove.

“I’m so fucked up. You gonna have to bring me home.” He smiled devilishly.

Nooooooooooooooooooooo ASSHOLE.

First of all, I had to go to work the next day.
Secondly, I did not want him to fuck me… yet.
Third, he was purposely trying to get drunk just so I could bring him home, get trapped, and he fuck me all night.

We left after he drank the whole bottle and was acting real extra and obvious.
I was kind of embarrassed at how he was carrying on.
On the streets to the train, some Vixen he use to fuck ran into us.
He introduced me as his cousin proudly.
I was “new in town” and he wanted to treat me to dinner, was his excuse.
She didn’t suspect anything because in those situations, you just go with the flow.

I brought him all the way to the last stop on the train where he parked his car in some isolate parking lot.
By the time we got up there, it was like 11pm.
When we got innnnnnnnnnn that car……… this muthafucka literally JUMPED on me.
I mean, he was in-between my legs, grinding o me, and sucking on my neck….

“i want to bring you back to the crib sexy. please come back to the crib…”

He then tried to kiss me…
…and he was terrible.
With those lips, he was TERRRRIBBBLLLLEEEEE.
He was literally chewing on my bottom lip and our teeth were knocking together.
If I was some hoe, we would have fucked in that truck.
After he saw I was resisting, he got VEX and climb over into the driver’s seat.

“yo get the fuck out my shit man…”
“i don’t need your shit.”
“i got my own shit and can get any nigga i want.”

Such language!
I got my shit and got out.
No need in arguing especially in some place I wasn’t familiar with.
He gave me a nasty look and sped off, leaving me in the fucking parking lot.
That was the last I ever heard from him.

I did see him on television getting interviewed couple years later.
His lips still looked good, but that muscle he had turned to fat.
He got married to some woman and was still writing.

But I miss those days.
Well, not being left in parking lots.
I miss being taken out and getting to know a Wolf better.
Maybe these Wolves need to GET. WITH. IT. when it comes to me.

Maybe in 2012, that will change.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “The Tail of Jamari’s First Date”

  1. Damn what a date, I bet he was a handful. He was one of those types that wants something when he wants it. He wasn’t wrapped to tight anyway since he tried to trick you by getting drunk so you would have to take him home.SMH.

    1. ^He was nice…
      …but he wanted to pipe me.
      He was real generous too and I always wondered what would have happened if I did give him some…?
      Would it have been good for me? or would he have dropped me and moved onto the next?

      But if he left me in the damn parking lot,
      then I think I answered my own question.

  2. Remember dates?! Good times!!!

    I don think i can remember my first REAL date. I think it was to a coffee shop? But I remember men taking me out to eat at various restaurants. Tickets to here. Seat at there. **sigh** Not anymore it seems. Dates now consist of sitting on your couch watching television. Even now, mentioning for a guy to perhaps go out to get something to eat or hang out leads to less frequent phone calls and text messages or even them making psuedo-plans that they often don’t keep because “something came up.” But mention wanting to “come over and chill” and they’ll stay up until 3am waiting for you!

    1. ^RIGHT!!!!

      I got a text from a Wolf at 5am asking me if he can come chill.
      5 FUCKING AM?!!?!?!?
      I ignored his ass for days after that.
      He got it right…
      …but I’ll save that for another story.

  3. Hey went on a date last night didnt expect much, but was surprised this dude had good job, conversation, and loved sports. I havent been on a date in over 2 years but it was so nice to actually talk and get to know someone. I made up my mind that if you dont have time to go out and get to know me I dont have time for you. It may lead to less contacts but you will still come out on top in the end with your self respect. No more random one night stands unless its with Dez Bryant or Victor Cruz, then its anything goes LOL.

  4. You know what? If you want someone that will actually go out you should stick to that, but realize there are tons of guys who are willing to fill that spot on that guy’s couch at his place so you’re not really hurting him. These younger dudes will be at your place in 5 mins flat. I had one over just yesterday. Cute as hell. Lol

    1. ^12 AM on the way to the club (uh)
      1 AM DJ made it erupt (uh-huh)
      2 AM now I’m gettin with him (what up?)
      3 AM now I’m splittin with him (splitting with who?)
      4 AM at the waffle house (waffle house)
      5 AM now we at my house (uh)
      6 AM I be diggin him out (who?)
      6:15 I be kickin him out (what?)
      7 AM I’ma call my friends (uh-huh)
      12AM we gonna do it again, we gon, we gon, we gonna do it again

      1. Haha naw we actually just chilled. No funny stuff. Kind of nice and weird at the same time. I didn’t meet him online either. lol

  5. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^is he someone you can see dealing with you for more than 3 hours?
    Or are you just waiting for the opening… to open him?

    I think he looks too innocent for me to pull an effective fuck & duck. There still some pieces of a conscience left. Lol
    Guys can be rather enjoyable before they become immersed in gay culture or become jaded because of it. I didn’t even notice he was cute until a coworker said something. Lol

      1. It just seems very hard to find dudes who want to find other common ground besides men, fucking, how to find a man, or why men ain’t shit among other vain, superficial shit. Just like pessimism is contagious so is optimism.

        I promise this dude has an aura about him that I have yet to see in any gay/bi dude, kind of how I used to be.

        1. ^well don’t hurt him JAY!
          Don’t be the asshole who turned him wrong in this lifestyle.
          Try to warn him and do what someone should have told him what someone should have told you.

  6. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^well don’t hurt him JAY!
    Don’t be the asshole who turned him wrong in this lifestyle.
    Try to warn him and do what someone should have told him what someone should have told you.

    He doesn’t have to even worry about me coming at him like that. I only mess with the too far gone one like me. Lol I have enough to answer for.

      1. Now my coworkers are much older and ready to initiate that ass upon his 18th birthdday. Lol

        I’m sorry but I can’t get past the Taylor Swift songs I hear in my head when he’s around. Lol

  7. #whoisjamarifox :
    Where the hell you work??

    A popular retail store. We’ve had a ton of new dudes come in from the holidays, so that adds to the gay dudes (out and DL) that are already there. Did I mention I’m dudes supervisor? Lol another reason why its a no go.

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