He! I Want You To Meet Him!

Look for love?
Looking to meet a friend?
Looking to just try… something?

*ques tranquil music and sounds of waves crashing on the beach*

Well a Wolf sent me an email with a new online site…


Okay so before you throw spears and tomatoes at the Fox,
The site is called:



I am personally over online sites BUT some of my Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids aren’t.
At least pass it along.

*takes a peek*

Some of those Wolves look kinda fine…
But what makes this site so much different than the “others”?
New name?

All I can do is think about THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE and I come to my senses:



I’m good.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “He! I Want You To Meet Him!”

  1. Found it a while back. It isn’t free and that’s what preventing most people from joining. Jack’d and Adam are free and can be used from your phone and can locate men within a few hundred feet away. This site is going to have to come at dating from a different angle if its to be successful.

  2. I hope that isn’t the idea. There is no need to pay for a site that offers the same experience as a free one. Even when looking for love. So unless there is someone in the middle or at least a software that matches you to other singles based on specific information you’ve provided, its no different then the sites that we already have.

  3. Is that a man in lingerie?, WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT?, OH HELL NAH. I will never do online dating, that’s where all the crazy ass niggas are at, nope.

  4. I laughed at the “No Fats or Fems” requirement when I took a look at his picture. The audacity. How do you ask for something you yourself don’t give? The gays trip me out, lol.

  5. A cook and fashion designer but you dont want no fems or no other blacks who are your skin color, and you stole your Aunt Irene sexy lingerie top for your photo shoot.GTFO with this bullshit. I had my laugh for the day, if this mfukka is a muscular build then Rick Ross is LL Cool J. This jigga has no friends, friends do not let other friends put such fuckery on internet date sites. This needs a Ho sit down.

  6. Why is it so hard for Wolves to believe someone like him would be a Wolf?
    You see what WE have to deal with.
    Tomorrow I may tell the story of the Fox I met who played Wolf…. but was really a Wolf.

    1. Jamari, he’s wearing lingerie. LOL. Why would a wolf wear something like that? The sad thing about it is, some niggas think that’s sexy.

      1. ^ Man, you know what tho…

        I am starting to see (only from online)
        They are some hardcore fem Wolves out there who will dixk you down HEAVY wearing a blouse and some 5 inch heels.
        OR, like our chubby friend in that default.

        The thought alone makes my soul faint…
        But it is real when they say there is SOMEONE for everyone.

  7. You’re a professional fashion designer but you don’t want a fem? Oh. -__-

    So brack you are the night but only wanna mess w/light-skin men? Welp.

    55, but they need to be 18-50?

    They must be buff, but you’re just…big-boned? Oh. again. -_____-

    In muhfuggin San Francisco…iQuit

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