Does Serge Ibaka Have An Anaconda In His Sweats?…

…or is he happy to see me?
i want to say keri hilson won a little bit.
sure she is the running joke amongst town hall crazy beyonce stan meetings,
where they plot more ways to look crazy,
but she managed to capture this



…to comfort her from all the crazy stan abuse and buy her pretty things.
 keri can we pow wow for a sec.
is this picture fact or fiction?…


…. shit!!!!
is that real??!!??
i know african wolves are usual “long armed“,
but that looks like an assault rifle.
someone jump down serge’s sweats for a confirmation?
ok fine!
i will.

*dives in head first*

27 thoughts on “Does Serge Ibaka Have An Anaconda In His Sweats?…

      1. DUH, but it seems to be your type of WOLVES tho, I cackle at some of the WOLVES you post, SOME of which i know ARE NOT

    1. I’ll put you on 😉 .. you need to appreciate the “diversity” that runs by your blog.

    2. Did not say anyone is an escort, it is “beneath” me as you put it, I on’t think i ever used that word, which one do you think i fuvked, Ibaka, none, or the groupies, after all Ibaka is only 3 years older

  1. Yupp is that afro/carribean blood we bear. that guy looks money cute but is his dick that?

    oh and THIS BOY is one of the biggest industry hoes, i mean he’s one of the joint that these dudes FUCK. He hops from baller to baller, model, and artist.

    1. ^14,000 followers and no kind of career,
      he is in a lot of pictures with serge too.

      my interest as peaked.
      how do you know this?
      this looks like his brother.

      1. Who says he doesn’t have a career Jamari? He is getting money to pay for all those clothes and shit from somewhere.

        1. ^if he was a stylist,
          you would see his “work”.
          he is wearing nice shit and has a ton of pictures of him shopping.
          unless he is doing music,
          he would be promoting it.
          one thing people do who have a legit career in something is promote it.
          i see nothing but floss.

          i’m getting little brother from these pictures.
          i could be wrong.
          brother turned socialite.
          the doors opened to him because he is serge’s brother and he is able to maneuver his way around the industry.
          if he gets pipe through his connects,
          then we need to talk.

      2. Well if he is Serge’s brother he must not be finished growing, unless they have two different fathers. If that’s not the case then someone needs to call Maury cause they are not brothers. Dude is cute. If I was rich I’d spend money on him, he’ll have to give up the ass in return tho. I bet it’s good too lol

      3. Oh yea, I know he is from a large family. I doubt their brothers at this point. When I Google “Serge Ibaka’s brother” Dude does not pop up in neither pic.

        1. ^he was doing a duck face in a picture.
          instant reveal.
          either way,
          i’m not knockin their hustle at all.
          i hope all they are investing in isn’t just clothes.
          and watches are cool.
          i like to look type fly myself,
          but can i see the cribs?

      4. Here’s how it works (ie how to spot who is getting fucked on a guy’s team aka entourage) : guy gets into college or drafted for , let’s use basketball for example. while in college IF he goes to one where basketball is famous ex Duke etc then he gets guys who will get him (the basketball player) to “promote” events. Spot the “prettier” looking (or in the case of the basketball player being the flamboyant – the “prettier” dominate-looking) guy often contrasts with skin tone – ignorant but eh..darker players with lighter and light ones with caramel or darker ones… a clique forms IF the baller becomes – a BALLER – the model guy (models for some agency) (usually the Marlon Yates/Bates looking guy), the group whore (usually the most “fashionable” of the bunch and seems to “hang out” with everyone…almost ALWAYS a tad butch – LOVES fitteds and everything hypermasculine, will try to brag about females and will have some bad broads in his pic, the guy who pledged (either in the same frat as the baller, his LB or just some guy who crossed a frat and happens to be “cool” with the baller), the music guy, the groupie, the baller , and the baller’s “one”. The one is MOST times seen multiple times as “hanging out with the bro” etc…yet to see a ‘baller’ who doesn’t “swing/experiment/attempt/think of” both ways….don’t know if this was clear to you but yea that’s the formula, I was in SoBe, NY times square, and ….well, when you’re in a greek org, especially a black greek org, you meet a lot of people, especially bougie/rich/famous blacks

    2. I’m not getting little brother from these pics. Serge is not even that famous for this dude to be treated like royalty. Nobody’s entourage is getting treated like that no matter whose entourage they are a part of. He is an escort Jamari check out the picture of the Cartier bracelet and it says “oh thanks for showing me some love.” And the pic of the store manager at Loubotins.

      1. ^reason i suspect it was serge’s brother is because he has pics at the games,
        pics with keri,
        1 backstage with kevin durant.
        maybe he is serge’s brother but an escort on the side?

        if the escort theory is true,
        he is very sloppy to have all his “clients” in his pictures.
        chad ocho,
        i’m still investigating this one.

      2. Eh he’s not an “escort” per the post an ad and go meet a client escort, he’s someone who knew him early, fucked with him and rode his dick on up to every one else’s . he does that shit to every damn baller he meets. ugh

        1. ^so why all of a sudden you are revealing these supposed escorts?
          i thought this was beneath you dav?
          this is most ive seen you talk in months.
          did you fuck one of these boys?

  2. I want to know a couple of things. Why would he take a picture with someone with a hard dick, especially with a man? I love Serge and I know he is not gay, but that is not a good look. Did the person taking the pic not see it?

    No wonder why people say Keri cannot sing. If Serge is putting that shit down her throat I guess not. He is prob hitting her vocal cords.

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