The First Meeting

My first blog.

A Sexual Short starring Jamari Fox

I enter the smoky bar and I look around. I do not see him. I wonder where he could be. I see so many fine ass men in the room and I pray silently that one of these potential dicks is mine. I find a seat at the bar and I ask the bartender to pour me something hard. Hopefully, I will be getting something hard tonight. Something I can wrap my fingers around and caress softly. I like hard things especially attached to beautiful men. I am in the mood to fuck.

“Jamari?” a deep voice asks.

I turn around and I am eye to eye with a pair of the most beautiful round eyes I have ever met in my entire life. I quickly scan down and I am also met with a pair of juicy pink lips. They part into a smile. He likes what he sees.

“Yes?” I say, giving a seductive smile.

Damn. He is gorgeous. His face is sculpted to perfection. He has got to be about a good 6’2. He is taller than me and that is definitely a plus; two something and muscular. Not too much muscle but just right because I can see those beautiful pecs sitting nice underneath his V neck white Tee on his nice caramel complexion. He had alot of tattoos. Hair cut in a wavy fade. His jeans sit on his figure just right. Shoes: all white ones. He is definitely someone I would date. He isn’t a thug or hood. Thank God. He is just a regular sexy ass dude. There is luck on a site like Black Gay Chat.

“How did you know it was me?” I ask, looking at him in his eyes. Making sure I do not lose connection with his.

“I figured it would be you.” He said, biting his lip, “You look like your pictures… but better.”

“Thank you. I can say the same for you too.”

He sits at the bar and we converse for a short while. He tells me that he is fairly new to the lifestyle and was pretty nervous about meeting me. He was about to bail out but did not think it was fair. I was thankful. He heard a bunch of raw queens are usually lurking on that site. I agreed. I ask the basic questions and he asks me the same. Good to know he is single because I am definitely single. He has no kids or no girlfriends. Was he an angel sent from above? Damn. I have been looking for so long and I finally meet male perfection.

“When last have you gotten fucked?” He asks, looking me dead in my eyes and taking a sip of his whatever he was drinking. I was too mesmerized by his lips.

“Two weeks ago.” I say, slightly smirking, “it wasn’t that great.”

“Really? Why?”

“He didn’t know how to handle it. He was trying to beat it up instead of taking time to explore my body.”

“You need a nigga that is going to appreciate it.” He says, looking at me in an “I am going to fuck you real good” kind of look.

After that, we bounced. I wanted him and I wanted him badly. I knew right away he was going to be inside me before this night was over. He made me comfortable and to be real, he was fine. I had to be either under on top of that before this night was over. As we rode back uptown on a packed train, I could feel his hands rub across my booty. He was a brave one. I liked that. Any other bottom would have given him a look, since I am discreet, but I was going with the flow for once in my life. I did not care. The goose had me loose. I was the finest bottom, with the finest top in the train, and I want all these bitches and potentials to be jealous. We were definitely a threat. I knew the bedroom game was going to be on and popping.

When we walked in my door, my roommate and his obnoxious housemate were not home. Thank God. I wanted to be loud tonight. He sat on the couch and I walked to my bedroom. I went and got a condom out of my stash and slid it in my back pocket. When I walked into the living room, he motioned for me to come closer. I did. He ran his hands up my legs and I could feel my dick get so brick.

“You want it right here?” I ask, looking down at him.

“Yup. I do.” He said, pulling my shirt up and kissing my stomach, “Do you want it right here?”

Was he fucking crazy? I wanted to fuck him on top of the bar earlier.

”I do.”

He stood up and wrapped his arms around me and placed his two hands on my round firm booty. I may not have the fat ass like these other bottoms but I got a little something. He started to squeeze on my booty and I let out a slight moan. I exhaled as I looked up at my ceiling. I felt so fucking good.

”Jamari… baby?” He said, running circles with his tongue on my neck.

“Yes baby?” I said, biting my lip and hypnotized by the smell of his cologne.

“Can Daddy fuck you?”

When he said that shit, it made me SO fucking hot.

“Yes he can.”

All of a sudden, my shirt was rising above my head. Then his shirt was going upwards. When I focused my attention on those pecs and abs, I nearly fucking fainted. He had a tattoo on his right pec. He made his pecs flex and I could feel the pre-cum drip down my leg. Now I never gave head before but I had to bless Daddy. He was too gorgeous not to give him some bomb dome. I put my finger on his lips and I went down on my knees. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his denim and boxers downwards. There, I was met with a beautiful 10 inch cut dick. The head was so round and perfect. The shaft was a nice dark brown. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. I put the head in my mouth and started to swirl my tongue around it. He moaned. I flicked my tongue back and forth against the head and put the whole thing in my mouth. I slowly went up and down and created enough spit in my mouth to create a slippery slope. I was bobbing and weaving on the dick. I went underneath and put both of his balls in my mouth and started sucking on them. I traced my tongue to his inner thigh and started to create a hickey. He was shaking.

“Oh shit!” He moaned out.

I could tell he liked it because he fell back on the sofa and held the back of my head. I did things orally to that man’s dick that I am sure Lil’ Kim did in one night. I was sucking underneath his balls and licking on things. He moaned, groaned, and kicked his feet up. I thought he was going to throw me off the dick but he liked the pleasure I was giving him.

All for Daddy.

“Damn baby.” He said in a relaxed state.

I took his dick out my mouth and lowered my pants. He looked at me and knew the deal. He stood back up and took his denim off. He was just a beautiful caramel naked nigga in some all white ankle socks.

“You want to fuck me right here or my room?”

He motioned his head to my room. I got the condom out of my pocket and threw my jeans back on the floor. If my roommate walked in, who cares? I was fearless and loving it. I took him by his hand and brought him into my bedroom. His fingers were already in my booty hole, fingering and trying to open me up. Daddy was ready to give me a good fucking.

I crawled on my bed, in the doggy style position while he slowly moved his hands in and out of my hole. I moaned so loud at one point, you would have thought the dick was in me. Then I felt it. This nigga’s tongue was in my ass and vibrating. I definitely got loose because of that. I was scratching the bed and clawing up my sheets. He was vibrating the hell out of my booty. I loved it. He was eating my shit like it was the last supper. All I could do was give him more.

He got up and started sliding the condom on his dick.

“Daddy is going to fuck you right.” He said, pulling the condom up on his dick a little bit.

I fell down on my back and he got on top of me. He started grinding his dick on me as he kissed me on my lips.  He raised both of my legs up and started rubbing his dick against my hole.

“You ready?” he asks.

“Hell yeah, nigga!” I reply, looking at him like he better stick that shit in me.

He took his dick and pressed the head against my hole. The head slid inside slowly. He pulled it out and applied more pressure. I panted. As he was pushing it in, my toes automatically curled. I felt his dick inside me inch by inch. He had to have only got 5 inches in me so far. After a good few times, his dick was finally all the way inside. He stopped, parted my legs, and laid on top of me. I wrapped my arms around his back and he started thrusting in and out slowly. It felt like pure heaven. I couldn’t do anything but moan. He pushed my hands above my head and started really going to work in my ass. I stretched my legs out all the way to the sides like a plane. He was flying me right into ecstasy airlines.

“Daddy… Oh yes!” I moaned out.

“Yes baby.” He said, “Daddy got you. Just take this dick.”

I could hear the bed springs creating a beautiful beat. He got this. Daddy was making sure Jamari was pleased.

“Turn over.” He said in my ear.

I got into the doggy style position and he put his hands on the side of my hips. He controlled the motion of how I would go back and forth on his dick. He did a sudden quick thrust that made me fall on the bed.

“You like that?” He said, not moving.


Suddenly he did 2 more quick hard thrusts. I instantly arched my ass up and let him take control. I know my eyes rolled in the back of my head a few times as he started pounding me out.

“Whose pussy is this?” He said, slapping on my butt cheek.

“All of your pussy!” I yelled out.

“Naw, I don’t even hear you.” He said, slapping my ass harder and really trying to dig deep.

“It’s yours!”

“That’s right.”

I sat up on my hands as he dug me the hell out. I could hear my ass slapping against his abs. He was working me out and I had no issue letting him. I closed my eyes and just moaned as loud as I could. I was getting the fucking of my lifetime and I did not care.

“Oh shit, I am about to bust.” He yelled out.

He gave me the hardest thrusts ever and moaned out loud. He fell on my back and I fell on the bed. I could feel him grind his dick deeper in me as he ejaculated. He was panting and biting on my ear lobe. He released himself into the condom and just rested on top of me.

I couldn’t move. I was covered in my own cum myself. First time I ever busted a nut while getting fucked. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. He was already snoring. I got that good boy pussy that makes you have to take a nap after some good sex. We set in that position for a hot minute until I started getting hot. He pulled his semi soft dick out of me and fell next to me. He looked at me in this relaxed look and smiled. I kissed his soft lips and laid on him.

“Are you going to give me that when I needed it?” He asked, rubbing his hands on my shoulders.

“It’s yours.” I said, kissing on his tattoo.

“That was a some good boy pussy. We are definitely going to be working on locking that down.”

From that moment on, I knew I was a threat to the game.

Wriiten by the one, Jamari Fox.

May 15, 2009 @ 18:44

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