Jamari’s Fantasies/Expectations Explored.

Welcome To My Fun House, my beautiful Tops and Bottoms
(straight people also welcomed).

That blog underneath was a preview of what is to come from me.
I am sort of a freak and that is cool.
Everyone is.
I am not a ho freak though.
There is a BIG difference.

I am a pretty brown skinned chocolate bottom
that has exquisite taste in men.
I can spot a fine man from a mile away.
Call it a gift.
Hood, preppy, casual, nerd, church boy….

I was told to make this list and I am going to treat you guys to what I want.
What I am looking for.


I am gay so I only want the best.
I am very visual so he must in some way turn me on when I look at him.
Now that doesn’t mean he can’t be slim because I think Trey Songz is fine and he is scrawny as hell.
I do not do fats or fems.
If you going to crawl on top of me and get these goodies,
you better be masculine and dominant.
We will get more into that … later.


Have some.
It’s free.
I do not like corny dudes.
Corny is not having confidence.
Or being boring.
Just trying to fuck me and I can tell you just trying to smash.
You can be a nerd and have some swag.

A beautiful penis

Not on some ol 12 inch shit.
But something that fits just right.
When he starts to penetrate me,
I do not want to have to worry about him going all up in my stomach.
But when he does penetrate me,
I want him to feel every wall inside me.
When I suck it,
I do not want to have a mouth full of public hairs.
A “just right for Jamari” penis.


I am not trying to deal with some broke sucka ass nigga.
If you arent going anywhere in life,
how do you expect us to inspire each other?
It is okay to fuck the broke ass sucka ass because he is just supplying you with a good dicking
and keeping it MIA.
But if I am going to let you into my life on some serious shit,
You better be doing something.


I like to be spoiled but that doesn’t mean I will not spoil him either.
If you are going to be my top,
at least have some money in that bank.
Take me out to dinner and feed me.
I’ll get you next time.
Buy me those shoes that remind you of me.

I’ll buy you that fitted that I think you would look right in.
If you live in another state,
I would expect for you to fly me out to see you.
You want to see me so buy the ticket.
Being cheap gets you an exit.

Sexually Satisfying.

If you can make my toes curl by me just looking at you,
then you are halfway in.
I want for you to fuck me and keep me satisfied.
I do not like to be bored.
I am down to suggestion.
I like to try new things.
I want to explore my sexuality with you.
If you do not eat ass,
you are dismissed instantly.
I am a freak and if I can meet someone as equal or equally as freak as me,
you are IN.
If I fuck you on the first initial date,
fuck me good.

I love athletes.

I have a weakness for men who play sports because off the bat,
their bodies are right.
I am sort of a body bottom.
I love athletic bodies.
I am slender with the right curves so I need a top with a nice build to be able to handle all of this.
Is that wrong?
If you stand for nothing you fall for anything.
Not saying I am going to be just an athlete chaser
but if you have an athletic body,
we can definitely rock.


I am discreet.
Not downlo.
I am sure people suspect and I could give a shit less.
I like my guy to have the same.
I cannot deal with “out” dudes
because they want you to slide down the fucking rainbow with them.
I am very private.
I hate people in my business.
I will create a lie to throw you the fuck off if you are catching up on my dealings.
I want my guy to be the same.
Discreet or even downlo but if you are suffering from
you can keep it moving.


I like a man to be a man.
I am one so why can’t I have one?
He can be a pretty boy but as long as he is a man,
I have no issues with it.
We can share products because I am a vain ass nigga who is concerned with his outward.
No disrespect to the fem tops out there
but I can’t get down with it.
I appreciate the dominance of a man because
he will appreciate the masculinity of me being a bottom.
Plain and simple.

All mine.

Not his, or theirs, or hers.
All mine.
I expect loyalty from my man.
When he goes out,
I would hope he isn’t sticking my dick in someone else’s hole.
When I go out,
he can expect the same.
I am not down with the sharing game.
Too much shit hiding in people’s crevices and I am not trying to have mine infected.
I have a delicious clean ass and would like to keep it that way.
So once you get with me,
make sure you fucked your last nigga cause you’ll be fucking/loving me.


I want to be able to bring you around my friends and you do not embarrass me.
Have some manners.
Sit up straight.
Be polite.
None of that un-mannerly shit.
I will call you the fuck out on your shit.
If you with me,
obviously you are in the presence of a good man so lets make sure I feel the same.

Love Me For Me.

I am not a thug dude.
I am not hood.
I am not perfect.
I am not uber masculine.

I am Jamari Fucking Fox.

Love Jamari for Jamari and not compare me to the next nigga.
Be with that nigga if you want all of that.
I choose you as you did me so let me do me.
You do not have to worry about me voguing or joining some gay house.
Worry about me not liking/loving you anymore because you do not accept me, Flaws and all.

That’s it.

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  1. LOL. And the top’s want list? Do you carry yourself in a way tht would make any man want to treat you with alllllll this u want? Respect is earned.Lol typical bottom

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