Hood Love

A Sexual Short starring Jamari Fox

It was hot.

I am talking about a blazing summer day. When it gets hot in the city, you can feel it. It is a different kind of hot especially the hood. You feel steam literally in your lungs. Everyone either shuffles outside or stays inside and make love to their A/C. I decided to leave my wonderfully A/C-less apartment and go to the corner store for a Popsicle.

As I walked up to the bodega, I noticed a fine, tanned, light skinned dude standing with his equally fine boy. I was more concerned with Mr. Light Skin because by his look, he was more my flava. He was wearing a white T, light denim shorts, and some hot dunks. No tattoos or anything extra but just being fine.  He did the unimaginable – he gave me a head nod and then licked his lips.

“Oh, we got a winner.” I said to myself as I smiled back at him and gave him a head nod.

I walked in the store and went into the back where the ice cream was. As I was digging through the freezer, I felt someone standing behind me. I pulled out a blue phallus shaped Popsicle and turned around. I was face to face with Mr. Light Skin. We stared at each other for a hot minute. I noticed he was sweating. Was it because of me or this heat?

“What’s up shawty?” He asked.

That kills me because I was the same height as him. How am I his “shawty”? I liked it nonetheless.

“I am hot.” I replied, biting my lip.

“That you are.” He said, licking his perfectly sculpted pink lips.

He followed me up to the register and offered to pay for my snack. I let him. I am not going to turn down a free meal. As we both walked out, he gave his boy a nod and continued to walk with me.

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The First Meeting

My first blog.

A Sexual Short starring Jamari Fox

I enter the smoky bar and I look around. I do not see him. I wonder where he could be. I see so many fine ass men in the room and I pray silently that one of these potential dicks is mine. I find a seat at the bar and I ask the bartender to pour me something hard. Hopefully, I will be getting something hard tonight. Something I can wrap my fingers around and caress softly. I like hard things especially attached to beautiful men. I am in the mood to fuck.

“Jamari?” a deep voice asks.

I turn around and I am eye to eye with a pair of the most beautiful round eyes I have ever met in my entire life. I quickly scan down and I am also met with a pair of juicy pink lips. They part into a smile. He likes what he sees.

“Yes?” I say, giving a seductive smile.

Damn. He is gorgeous. His face is sculpted to perfection. He has got to be about a good 6’2. He is taller than me and that is definitely a plus; two something and muscular. Not too much muscle but just right because I can see those beautiful pecs sitting nice underneath his V neck white Tee on his nice caramel complexion. He had alot of tattoos. Hair cut in a wavy fade. His jeans sit on his figure just right. Shoes: all white ones. He is definitely someone I would date. He isn’t a thug or hood. Thank God. He is just a regular sexy ass dude. There is luck on a site like Black Gay Chat.

“How did you know it was me?” I ask, looking at him in his eyes. Making sure I do not lose connection with his.

“I figured it would be you.” He said, biting his lip, “You look like your pictures… but better.”

“Thank you. I can say the same for you too.”

He sits at the bar and we converse for a short while. He tells me that he is fairly new to the lifestyle and was pretty nervous about meeting me. He was about to bail out but did not think it was fair. I was thankful. He heard a bunch of raw queens are usually lurking on that site. I agreed. I ask the basic questions and he asks me the same. Good to know he is single because I am definitely single. He has no kids or no girlfriends. Was he an angel sent from above? Damn. I have been looking for so long and I finally meet male perfection.

“When last have you gotten fucked?” He asks, looking me dead in my eyes and taking a sip of his whatever he was drinking. I was too mesmerized by his lips.

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