Tremaine Neverson Gives Us Penis Print and Anticipation

tremaine and his magical pipe.
trey songz for those who don’t know.

^that is what he uploaded to ig today.
i was already…
on it.
he also released a ep i got a chance to listen to today.
it’s called “anticipation 3”.
i have a few thoughts

an ep where he barely sings about sex?
he is singing about love?
and how he wants to find love?
and relationship issues?
i’ll allow it.

is this trey singing?
that doesn’t sound like him.
oh wait…
it’s mikexangel.
why is he on almost every track?
is this a duet album?
highly confused.

i liked it tho.
it wasn’t something too memorable,
but i could listen to it while i pre game with a wolf.

i’ll allow it as i allow tremaine’s magical penis.

lowkey: now if he can keep this up for his upcoming album.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Tremaine Neverson Gives Us Penis Print and Anticipation”

  1. Ugh I thought he was thicker than that. Its like the lower half of his body is still a boy. I’ll move on as well😎

  2. He’s handsome…but ya’ll can have him. This one does nada for me.
    Willing to bet anything his spit game is better than his dick game.

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