mental homework: (16)

i want you guys to check out today’s comments from mind blown.
[insert “it blew my mind” joke]

it was something to think about in the “fox in the other city” entry…

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Fox In The Other City

in life,
there are many paths.
some foxes turn out to be wealthy as hell due to extreme focus.
others almost make it,
become impatient,
and go the “jackal” route.
suckin’ and fuckin’ everything until they can’t do it no mo.
the rest are so confused they just blend in with the wall.
it’s funny how the focused ones become super independent.
choosing “career” or “school”,
social life becomes pretty much non-existent.
the end result is a fantastic career or a great living


…but absolutely no one to rescue us when we fall.
i had to wonder…

Was that my path?

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Stick Your Nose In Those Butt Cheeks and See Where It Gets Ya!


exploration can be an interesting learning experience.
vixens usually explore inside a wet and juicy pussy to see if they like it.
sometimes they do.
sometimes they don’t.
some straight wolves end up being “something” in our world.
ya know,
just to see what all the hype is all about.
sometimes they stay.
other times they run the fuck out.
it only has positive results if you go into it with no expectations.
let’s not even talk about the disaster if things aren’t what you imagined.
star fox had an interesting experience today….

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The Wolf Who Cries “I’m Single and Sad” Wolf

Look at him:

Aside from the fact he used his body as a coloring book,
he is actually the Wolf of our fantasies.

He is fine as hell.
He has a body that needs to be fucked, jerked off, or sucked on every night.
And, his lips were made to blow bubbles in your Foxhole.
He is someone I would like to know that I have the pleasure of fucking.
Hopefully his dick game is worth all the effort.

But I picked up something through observation,
which lead me to asking this question…

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I’m 200lbs With A Baby Dick… But Love Me Anyway!

How true is this?

Even that Fox from Twilight agrees….