The Wolf Who Cries “I’m Single and Sad” Wolf

Look at him:

Aside from the fact he used his body as a coloring book,
he is actually the Wolf of our fantasies.

He is fine as hell.
He has a body that needs to be fucked, jerked off, or sucked on every night.
And, his lips were made to blow bubbles in your Foxhole.
He is someone I would like to know that I have the pleasure of fucking.
Hopefully his dick game is worth all the effort.

But I picked up something through observation,
which lead me to asking this question…


Is he really a Wolf who can’t find anyone?

Or, is he just crying “Wolf” to up his pussy supply?
I mean, would someone who looks like this:

… really not have anyone to lay up with him at night?
HELL… even a couple options?
And then if he is really being honest about his love life:


Bad attitude?
Bad breath?
Bad swagg?
Bad dick?
Bad bank?
Bad luck?
Bad mindset?
OR, just plain ol’ bad?

I started to wonder about Wolves who look good and claim they are lonely online.
Is it all just for followers and hits?
Or, can a Wolf really be alone and looking for someone to love him?
I see so many Foxes who look good,
just like him,
and are painfully (or content being) single.

It is always fascinating to see a Wolf that isn’t bragging about his conquests on social networks.
Maybe we as Foxes don’t really that not every Wolf has to be a sex addict.
There maybe some Wolves out there who ARE looking for the right one.
So, again I have to ask about these good looking Wolves who should have pussy/foxhole on demand:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

41 thoughts on “The Wolf Who Cries “I’m Single and Sad” Wolf”

  1. In my opinion, it is not hard for a good looking black dude who is seeking a serious relationship to find a woman who is seeking the same.

    I usually find that if you look a little deeper you’ll either find that something is wrong with that person (trust issues, attention whore, too selfish, etc) or they are awful at choosing significant others. We just tend to look at them through rose-colored glasses.

    You do have your occasional person that is just too attractive…to the point of intimidating people, but usually there’s always something off.

    This is coming from someone with a host of single, attractive friends.

      1. The tattoo on his chest that says “heartless” may be your first clue. Lol!

        No one wants to believe something may be wrong with someone they find attractive, but the crazy ones usually are attractive because they can get away with whatever.

  2. JAY :

    The tattoo on his chest that says “heartless” may be your first clue. Lol!

    No one wants to believe something may be wrong with someone they find attractive, but the crazy ones usually are attractive because they can get away with whatever.

    good eye JAY.
    hmmm, you maybe onto something with that “crazy” observation.
    you know the crazy ones have the best peen/foxhole.

    1. He doesn’t seem particularly miserable either to me. I’m sure he’s getting more than his fair share of easy pussy. The problem is these dudes let the antics of these ratchet hoes they see in the club and they surround themselves with affect their view towards women as a whole. Good women are not rare at all, they’re just not going to fall to your feet like these other basic bitches.

  3. I cosign with what has been said. A pretty face and a sexy body dont mean shit when you fucked up on the inside. Dont believe the hype..

  4. if u look at his instagram profile (same name), 95% of the dudes he follows are flamboyant. I’m sure that has something to do with why girls don’t want him.

    1. ^his Instagram wall can be a bit of a turn off.
      It is very similar to other attention whores of the past.
      I’m all for showing off and loving yourself,
      But these niggas go over overboard.

  5. It sounds to me that he wants to be loved, and it’s nothing wrong with that. I think he might have a self-esteem issues, which might explain why he goes to great lengths to look good. When a person have a self-esteem issues, they alter their physical appearance because they think it will help them find someone, but that’s not true. It starts from the inside first. Aside from that he seems like a really great guy. If he liked the niggas, I would definitely try and talk to him.

  6. He’s looking for attention. He has his fair share of options and it isnt that difficult to find a fysh who’s willing to settle down. He is the common denominator in all of his ‘problems.’

  7. Not sure.

    We can come in here and hypothesize about why he’s in the position he’s currently in. We can suggest that maybe he has issues that serve as the reason why he’s single. Maybe he’s crazy or controlling. Maybe he has self esteem issues.

    Or maybe it’s all for Twitter. After all, social media is the new nightclub, and straight wolves have gotten hip to the very same thing the gays have known for years: you can be whoever the hell you want to be online. Trial and error.

    But reading the responses had me caring less about why he’s single and more about what our opinions of his relationship status say about US.

    Of those of us who frequently comment on this website, how many of us are single?
    How many of us consider ourselves to be pretty good catches? We’re intelligent, attractive, and (more important than anything else) willing. So why are we single?
    If we can look at a seemingly normal straight wolf and come up with 1001 reasons why he’s not being a “typical wolf”, who’s to say available wolves and foxes don’t do the same to us? And what does all of this say about our own approach when it comes to foxes and wolves?

    We looked at him. Relatively attractive. Body for days. Seemingly wanting the very same thing we want and rather than taking that at face value (at least for the moment) we came up with countless things that are probably WRONG with him.
    Did it ever strike any of us that maybe there’s nothing wrong with him, but rather something that’s wrong with us?

    I say all of this because he doesn’t look that much different than myself in terms of his body. Aside from the tattoos, my body is just as built. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across people shocked that I’m not in a relationship or fucking madd foxes. It’s somehow inconceivable that maybe, just maybe, I’m lonely too or struggle in the same way they struggle. We can’t possibly be the same or in the same position because my body is nice and I’m “attractive”.


    At the end of the day, we all want love. No matter how attractive we are. No matter how many hours we spend in the gym or how perfect our life seems. It’s important to us to have someone love us. We all come with our own issues, our own baggage. Imagine that being attractive may make it that much harder.

    It IS possible to be pretty and lonely.

    1. You know what.
      I will happily step up to the plate and say, “yes I prejudged him”.
      And I’ll tell you why…

      For one, I know who his crew is and they are big time hoes.
      I always see some of them out on the scene,
      and I barely see him.
      So I was asking myself, “is he different?”
      “Maybe, in a twist of fate, he is a different kind of Wolf.”
      I want to know WHY things are the way they are.
      I need an explanation and I need it NOW.
      That is just the detective Fox in me.

      It is natural and it is normal.
      Random, we ALL judge each other.
      It is life.
      I have been in his boat where someone has hauled anchor and judged me.
      Before it bothered me.
      Now, I don’t give a shit.
      Because I know people will talk or judge me,
      whether I am doing great OR I am at the bottom.
      I could be in a relationship with a Wolf and Star Fox will judge, “why is he with him? he is not in his league?”
      And that could be a judgement about me or the Wolf LOL
      People are just nosy and they want to know why things are the way they are.
      Why is this good looking Wolf, tweeting that he eats alone and has no one to call his own?
      Why is he driving this nice car and always talking about he has no one to put in the passenger seat?
      Why is he following all these video hoes and aint nan of them in his pictures?

      I find him interesting, so I want to know.
      If I didn’t, I wouldn’t care.
      That is the way I look at it when people judge or ask questions about me.
      Just like I find you Random interesting.
      A Fox just wants to know.

      Same thing we do with celebrities and others,
      he is not immune.
      As well as WE are not immune from someone judging us.
      It’s just life baby boy.
      It is frustrating and it is bullshit, but you will grow to love it.


      1. I understand the curiosity. That wasn’t really my issue. Of course we all look at those we consider to be relatively attractive and wonder about them. If they’re lonely, why? And if they’re not, what is their life like?

        What I was speaking more towards was the fact that everyone commenting came up with reasons why he wasn’t dateable. It’s almost as if, because he’s attractive, there has to be another ridiculously negative reason why he’s single. Attractive automatically means unavailable.

        It’s not possible that he’s just like us.

        So, why is that?

        I think it speaks more towards our own insecurities than any of his shortcomings.

        Just imagine. If we are able to shoot ourselves down before ever actually knowing and we are judging just based upon an image and a Twitter profile, imagine those that see him out in public.

        The short of it is, the next time you see an attractive wolf out, remind yourself that he’s just like you. No better, no worse.

    2. It sure is possible to be pretty and lonely, but unattractive people and people who think they are unattractive do not want to hear about pretty boy blues.
      At all.

      On the flip side, people with standards are going to have a more challenging time in finding what they want. I’m talking about dating and getting to know someone and not straight up fucking–hit it and quit type of situation–a lot men confuse the two.

      Confidence is always attractive so most fine ass wolves and foxes are not approached by anyone they deem fit. Most dudes take themselves out of the game before it even starts because they lack confidence in themselves. Sometimes, strangely enough, dudes and vixens EXPECT to get mistreated by a fine ass dude, when they finally land one, and come up with reasons why they shouldn’t be together.

      Either way, being attractive, a lot of times is a lose-lose situation. Being perceived as a fantasy, intimidating, unavailable, or a stuck up asshole.

      1. Great response. Being attractive with standards is a “problem” within itself. I face it every day.

      2. I’ll agree with this.

        I especially think your opening paragraph spoke volumes.

  8. For the record though, I don’t think that’s a real Twitter. He says he’s 18. Call me crazy, but he looks nowhere near 18. Especially not driving a Mercedes.

    1. All I saw about your previous post is that you’re built like dude. Judge me…IDGAF – I’m not in a deep mood today. I’m hungry, tired, sore, & horny — not a good combo lolol

  9. This post rings so true to me because if you look good and you actually have standards it can be extremely hard to find someone that really likes who you are on the inside and not just the outside and then you have so many guys coming for you at once so you don’t really know who is really trying to talk to you for who you are. Drake said it best in his song Make Me Proud *It must be hard to be that fine when all these muthafuckas wanna waste yo time* and that is such a true statement

  10. I’ll play devil’s advocate for a minute. You see how quickly the thread went from “something’s wrong with him” to “being attractive can be a fatal flaw too”?

    We tend to want to make attractive people victims because it makes them more attainable and appealing. We HAVE to find a way to put them back on the pedestal again.

    I can’t muster up any sympathy. I just can’t. If no one’s coming to you maybe you need to approach them. Very few attractive people are oblivious to how attractive they are, that would be like winning the lottery. They usually have been reassured of their attractiveness their entire lives.

    Most of them just believe approaching others is beneath them because they’re even more terrified of rejection than the average person because they haven’t experienced it as much, if at all.

    1. They’re human too though Jay. Just because other people believe they’re attractive doesn’t mean they believe the same thing.

      Does being attractive level them with some extraordinary responsibility? Because they’re attractive, do they have to do the approaching because you’re less confident in your ability to do so? Why is your insecurity their problem?

      I know a guy who’s incredibly gorgeous. He’d be my ideal wolf if he weren’t straight. He’s 6’2″, muscles, tattoos, perfect teeth, beautiful smile, big lips, dark eyes. But he’s incredibly humble. He’s aware he isn’t ugly, but he doesn’t know just how attractive he is. More than that, he’s shy, so approaching really isn’t his style.

      I’m not saying what you’re saying isn’t true. There are attractive wolves and foxes out here who don’t approach others because they think it’s beneath them. But there are just as many out here who are simply afraid of rejection and are extremely shy.

      They shouldn’t be required to go above and beyond to approach someone any more than anyone else.

      1. You missed my point. Who said they wanted extraordinary responsibilities? I’m just saying I don’t buy the “pretty lonely boy blues” sympathy card they’re trying to play. It’s as if they’re saying “I’m single because I’m too fine and no one’s on my level.” As if nothing else could possibly be wrong with you and they’ll still wonder why people think they’re stuck up. LMAO! You could put 10 of the finest bi/gay men in a room together and you’d be lucky to make three matches if that.

        …and this isn’t coming from someone who thinks they’re unattractive, I have my moments like everyone else but I know I clean up damn well when I want to. This is coming from a humble man, raised by another humble man with tons of humble uncles as an example.

  11. YngBlkWolf :
    All I saw about your previous post is that you’re built like dude. Judge me…IDGAF – I’m not in a deep mood today. I’m hungry, tired, sore, & horny — not a good combo lolol

    LMAO. That wasn’t the point of the post, Wolf!

    1. We just want to see that body, we all know that you have a good head on your shoulders Random. LOL

  12. BBB :
    That distracted me, too. LOL. However, Random brought up some good points.

    Thank you for paying attention BBB. *shoots Wolf an upset look.

    1. *comes in to give Random a hug* I know what the point was, baby boy; you made some very good points…I did read them. C’mon, let me give you a backrub — and dinner tonight is on me 😉

  13. The Man :
    We just want to see that body, we all know that you have a good head on your shoulders Random. LOL

    One of these days… 😉

  14. Maybe he needs to change what he is looking for! Forget the vixens and be the hybrid he was born to be. I’m more than happy to give him a try!

  15. I dont see any reason why he cant find a girlfriend unless, he has horrible attitude, self esteem issues or something OR maybe what he really wants is a good fox/wolf but the only ones that hes been running into just want him for sex and so he rants on twitter about being lonely.

  16. Brandon is only 18, which explains a lot. I think he is also having issues with his sexuality, he works out tons because he used to be an ugly ducking but now that nigga is fine as fine

  17. Awe you’re having a simple day Jamari. 5 things to note :
    1. DO NOT believe everything u read online noggas do EVERY and ANY thing to get play what works for one may not work for the other

    2. Reality is always different from expectations do u know how many porn stars are single and lonely? Why would celebrities who seem to have all the power and money still always hire prostitutes etc why are all rappers hustling for dirty Kat stacks even though they rap about how they make pussy rain daily why do they commit Suicide when they have the ” perfect life”

    3 he really isn’t anything spectacular his body is not him
    4 emptiness has nothing to Do with looks
    5 personal experiences differ

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