mental homework: (16)

i want you guys to check out today’s comments from mind blown.
[insert “it blew my mind” joke]

it was something to think about in the “fox in the other city” entry…

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Fox In The Other City

in life,
there are many paths.
some foxes turn out to be wealthy as hell due to extreme focus.
others almost make it,
become impatient,
and go the “jackal” route.
suckin’ and fuckin’ everything until they can’t do it no mo.
the rest are so confused they just blend in with the wall.
it’s funny how the focused ones become super independent.
choosing “career” or “school”,
social life becomes pretty much non-existent.
the end result is a fantastic career or a great living


…but absolutely no one to rescue us when we fall.
i had to wonder…

Was that my path?

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Jamari Fox Scares People Shitless


Star Fox has said it.
Other friends have said it.
Females have said it.
Wolves I spoke to have said it.

Apparently, I intimidate people.
I’m confused because I do not look like The Undertaker in a dark alley.
I’m not showing fangs nor do I look like a tattooed goon with a razor under his tongue.
I’m just a good-looking Fox who knows how to dress and knows what he want out of life.
I guess that’s a bad thing in meeting a Wolf?

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