Jamari Fox Scares People Shitless


Star Fox has said it.
Other friends have said it.
Females have said it.
Wolves I spoke to have said it.

Apparently, I intimidate people.
I’m confused because I do not look like The Undertaker in a dark alley.
I’m not showing fangs nor do I look like a tattooed goon with a razor under his tongue.
I’m just a good-looking Fox who knows how to dress and knows what he want out of life.
I guess that’s a bad thing in meeting a Wolf?

I have been told that I “do this” to people and I’m beginning to think I do.
I notice potential Wolves get so nervous around me when I come into the vicinity.
For instance, I haven’t seen my Co Worker Wolf I been peepin’ in a minute.
He must have been on vacation or something.
Well on Friday he came in the office smiling on a phone call,
but when he saw me his face got serious and he quickly averted his eyes from looking in mine.
I went back to making conversation and he managed to say “Wassup man” as he walked by in mid conversation.

I saw him later that day and I made the effort to cut this games and say,
“Have a good weekend Co Worker Wolf”.
He quickly replied, “You too man.”

They get scared to look me in the eye or we have to play this back and forth game,
that when I do get to playing,
Wolves want to bow out and leave me all hot n bothered.
They want to be in control but when I do, they want to end it.


I got onto the platform at the train and this Wolf was staring at me as I walked in.
When the train came, he followed me into my train car and sat in front of me.
This mofo was mirroring everything I was doing.
I looked left; he looked left.
I looked into the next train car; he did the same.
I looked at my phone; so did he.
It was like this nigga was my shadow.
I made an effort to look at him, but he would NOT look at me in my eyes.
But, I knew he was sniffin’ me out because when I looked away,
I knew he was looking at me.
Of course, I got off that train car and got nothing.


It gets so annoying because it seems so easier for other people.
I don’t think I’m doing anything in particular but being myself.
I don’t really smile, but I’m in the Concrete Forest, we ALL don’t smile LOL.

Star Fox told me yesterday that I do not look “easy”.
Some Foxes have a look of “easy” and they get things easier.
They look like “I’m Fuckin’ You Tonight” and even though I’m not exempt from that, I give off a totally different vibe.
He says my walk and my attitude may intimidate Wolves because they may have to work for my attention (and you know Wolves do not like to work these days).

… and he wasn’t the only one to say that.
I have complete strangers say this to me.
I even got that I come off stuck up
(and that pisses me off because I am far from that)

They say intimidation creates fear in people.
So does this mean I scare people?
Am I doomed to a life of making moves and making people step out of my way?
I can talk to strangers and I have been making process with going up to Wolves,
but I feel like something else is wrong.
Star Fox said he literally thought the other day how many people are secretly trying to get with me.
Well shit the way I am going, will I ever know this lifetime?????????????

When it comes to intimidating Wolves…

Is there a way to turn it off?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Scares People Shitless”

  1. i get the same thing i guess mine is i workout alot and that atracts the rapid foxes but scares the strong wolves.ha who knew right

  2. Smiling can help; everyone looks friendlier & more inviting when you smile, but that may not be the issue. It’s not necessarily even a problem, because you’re not trying to do it. Some people just lack confidence. You just need someone who can handle it. Yes, it might mean you have to approach a little more, but your Wolf will likely be okay once he gets to know you better…or not, which means he wasn’t the one.

    You stoop down when you’re talking to a child; you reach down to help someone up & out of a situation…you don’t step down to someone’s level when you’ve already passed it by. Forward is the optimal direction…

  3. Oh my God I was just thinking about this myself just today! I swear! Lol.

    My friends tell me that before they met me, they thought I would be an a$$hole because of how I walked and how I looked at people.

    When dudes in or near relationships with me, they all tell me that they feel like they’re not “good enough” for me.

    Although I secretly love this image, I understand your pain because no one dares approaches me, and no matter how confident I look, I wouldn’t approach either. So we just end up in many of these situations you had on the subway lol.

  4. I’m so interested in your swag jamari, show us a pic of you from the neck down.plz pleasure us with it one day. I say neck down cause i know you would like to remain anonymous

  5. LOL I get the same thing…wolves and foxes tell me I always look ‘unapproachable’ and I’m like WTF!? I’m the nicest person in the world 🙂

    1. LOL! From following your blog you do seem to come off that way SC, nonetheless it is not a bad thing. I’m told the same here…but I do agree with Wolf…maybe its the fact that we’re looking for something or someone that has not yet realize how to handle the pride we have for ourselves…or we subconsciously do it to defer ppl from finding the key to our hearts

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