The Story of my Life


Even tho she cannot sing,
the words in this song…

“I’m falling again for someone who doesn’t feel alright
That’s the story of my life…”

“I thought you were ready to be
The start of my happy ending
Sometimes I choose what to see…”

and something about that ending…

“Keep walking, I keep walking…”

I relate to this song somewhat.
I had that mofo on repeat for a good 2 hours LOL

J.Lo is single again.
She dumped that crackhead looking mofo.
I bet Diddy popped many a Ciroc that night.

That “Love?” CD was chaulked with so much material I could relate with.
I got a chance to check it out in the midst with her scandal,
and I must say I am impressed.
She was dropping a lot of subs about her unhappiness in this marriage in these songs.

I wonder if Marc Anthony caught on?

Author: jamari fox

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