Do You Ever Think The Day Will Come When Things Go Your Way?

000-r._kelly-r.-2cd-1998-vmatonight one of my favorite songs came on during shuffle.
one of my songs that i listen to when i have stars in my eyes and big dreams in my mind.
r kelly is a genius when it comes to the music he creates.
i have pretty much all his music in my collection,
but the “r” album is one of my favorites.
not before” and right above “r kelly”.
he has a song on that album called “did you ever think” remix with nas,
where he recalls when he use to have stars in his eyes and big dreams in his mind.
the hook sounds like what god asks him when life stands still:

Did you ever think that you would be this rich?
Did you ever think that you would have these hits?
Did you ever think that you would be the don?
Have a crib with a fifty acre lawn
Did you ever think that you would be this paid?
Were there times when your ass was real afraid?
Did you ever think that you would sell out tours?
Have a show with fifty million viewers…

rYEXP2fit’s sad they don’t make music like this no more.
all i know is one day,
when i look over to something like this laying next to me:

tumblr_muns6wrXwK1regb2do1_500sex sweaty and jungle funky….
i want to remember to play that r kelly song when my life stands still.
the days i was struggling to find a job.
the days i got dressed at 730am to be told i wasn’t going into work.
the days i stayed on my couch and told myself over and over i gotta do better.
ima blast the shit out that song so my new neighbors better be prepared.
foxhole: find a song to play when you finally make it.
maybe you already have one.
just make sure whenever you reach whatever your definition of success that remember the past.
always humble yourself from what you came out of and where you wanted to go.
food for thought:

tumblr_mludr4DnKY1rzadffo1_500much love and gnite!

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Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “Do You Ever Think The Day Will Come When Things Go Your Way?”

  1. God is never late. He knows when he wants to make things happen. We may not want to believe that, but it is the truth. Just do your part and allow god to do his.

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