MEAT: (443)

tumblr_muslpaUkxg1rdkiy0o5_400i love his face.
i really like his build.
not too big and not too small.
beef cake?
why yes.
yes i would.
everyone meet social wolf,
“the black shark”.
would you let him eat you up?…

tumblr_mdrkx28jtA1r1bssko3_250all that.
uh huh.
every last piece.
even tho he looks like the standard “new york/mixed with spanish/” thick wolf,
and someone i use to crush on heavy,
every “copy” is still nice to look at.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “MEAT: (443)”

    1. Last year, an acquaintance of mine arranged a threesome between me, him and another dude he was fucking at the time. When I got there, the third guy, obviously a masculine queen, was very excited at the idea of getting some pipe from me lol. I was dressed exactly like the dude in this pic, same camo shorts, same Urban Outfitters tank top and some sneaker. Long story short, what was supposed to be a flip flop session, ended up by me watching my dear friend getting plowed by the masculine queen because I wasn’t gonna let my buddy fuck me in front of that dude lol….I didn’t want him to be like “damn I thought that ninja was a top but look at him taking dick like a bitch” lol, naaahh

  1. Just my type, but to bad I’m not attracting this type of dudes..I’m only attracting fem dudes…Dudes like this will check me out, and give me the head nod and that’s it….Help me JF, why am I only attracting fem dudes, why??? lol

      1. I think you are right now that I’m thinking about it….Sometimes, people get disappointed when I tell them I’m a hybrid like WTF lol

      2. I’m confused. Why are they disappointed if you are a Hybrid? That means you can be the Wolf or the Fox.

  2. Man he’s gorgeous i just want him to give me a hug with those big strong arms lol while we watch tv and just lounge around on the couch…he’s so handsome so cute like a teddy bear….i need a man like this!!!!

  3. Yes, yes, yes he is delicioso. But wait a sec he is too cute, he might have a small dick tho. It funny how unattractive guys got big dicks, it like the universe is trying to say “Well you can’t attract people with the face, but you can attract them with your dick.”

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