tumblr_muori18Ihs1rj71puo1_500remember him?
how could you forget that thigh?
and the torso area?
well i found more of our wolf with the nice “view”

Rachel-gasp“yes i will”.
oh sorry.
day dreaming.
no name on this model wolf yet.
lets hope it cums soon.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “MEAT: REHEAT (444)”

  1. Man, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Even when the body goes, you still have those eyes, and lips to dip into over and over again!! HELP I’m in lust!!!!!

  2. His eyes are magnetic and his skin tone is beautiful but his lips omg his lips i would kiss those lips softly every morning…he’s beautiful wow i love our people i love how beautiful black people are…#TEAMBLACK

  3. An man, I have butterflies in my stomach after looking at those pics. This dude is everything. I don’t just need his name. I need to know his address, phone number, and sexual preference. He is an angel sent from heaven, all he needs is wings.

    1. Just checked out his IG…I’m in love. He seems to have a cool down to earth personality to go with his god like sexy body. I think y’all gonna have to back away from Denzel before I take y’all out. Sorry but I’m not sharing!!!

    2. And he’s from TX too…I’m telling you JF u need to move down here…I moved down south a couple years ago and never looked back, yeah I missed the DMV area sometimes but that’s about it…I’m telling u JF, everything you want you got it here, jobs, dudes, dudes and more dudes lol, maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic but I’m sure u get the idea…Last month I was visiting a relative of mine in Houston and we went to the Galleria, OH My!!! I had never seen a sea of beautiful black men in one place place like that, I mean light skinned, dark, medium, yella wolves I mean all kind of black. I was like a child in a candy store..It was so overwhelming to the point where I had to leave the Mall after just 45 mins that’s how cute dudes in Houston are, just saying….Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been to NYC and the wolves are sexy and all but, TX wolves are the bomb…

  4. no no foxhole! I got first dibs on mr. wells! He is TRULY the man of my dreams. He looks like he could be my brother though… #weird

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