So I Finally Watched The “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story”And

maxresdefault….okay so i owe lil mama an apology.
i do.
when i first heard they hired her to play left eye,
i was confused and i voiced my opinion.
why lie?
i could not see it in my mind because all i saw was “lip gloss” and “jumpin on stage with jay z and alicia keys”.
i just have to say…
tumblr_mv356g8oZf1skdc3oo3_250SHE BODIED LEFT EYE!!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.11.22 PM
…but the movie was reallllllllllllllllly good.
i thought they all did an amazing job telling the story as these 3 women.
3 women that we all knew their story,
but we got more in-depth details of what happened.
of course i have some thoughts:

  • i didn’t know chilli had an abortion.
  • the dude who played dallas austin needs to play breezy wolf in his vh1 movie.
  • you mean to tell me pebbles bought these three females some dusty ass rav 4s????
    stop it.
  • it was good to see cole in a serious role.
    wow that rhymed.
  • pebbles was a damn crook.
    i’m glad they bombed her mentions and ran her off twitter.
    how you gonna pay them 25 dollars a week tho?
    then dock pay for little shit?
    “wait are you wearing bangs?”
    a days pay.”
    “are you wearing pink nail polish?
    oh no.
    two weeks pay.”
    “wait… hold on… holllllle up….
    did you just inhale and then exhale?

    suspended until further notice…
    …with your pay docked.”
  • when left eye chocked up that hoe and slapped the shit out of andre:
    tumblr_mv3dfpltPw1qlsrn9o1_500… then when she slapped the other dude?
    she is my spirit negro.
  • diddy had a nice two second role in clive davis office.
    i’m sure he had more to say in real life.
  • did anyone notice the ciroc bottles at the bar?
    diddy was probably a sponsor and obviously doesn’t remember ciroc was not in the 90s.
    foreshadowing maybe?
  • left eye started to change once the group got huge.
    like how you go from wanting to be a big deal to then being mowgli from the jungle book?
  • i do miss left eye tho.

i would watch the movie again.
hell i would own it.
i really enjoyed it plus they had great music.
i just watched it,
but i played the “crazysexycool” album as i got dressed for my interview.
i wanted to be ready to watch it when i came home.
did anyone else watch the movie?

x those who didn’t watch click here


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22 thoughts on “So I Finally Watched The “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story”And”

  1. the biopic was phenomenally directed, casted, and performed. I felt like I was back in the 90’s and I enjoyed every minute of it. every actor was awesome. I can’t point out any bad things. the hair, makeup, and wardrobe teams were absolutely outstanding. the end made me smile. that song at the end is beautiful. you can tell they put a lot of thought and money into their biopic. great job

  2. Yea the Ciroc in the background was out of place. That was my only critique in the movie. On most films there are people on set who look out for historical accuracy (Costumes, set, etc). In one scene (right after they got signed with Chilli) I noticed a 98/99 Toyota Camry……….. Mind you this scene was set in the early 90s. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who saw this tho. lol

  3. Lil Mama did a great job. This is gonna put her back on the map.

    Pebbles ripped them all the way off. I was mad af fuck watching that. How the hell she gonna buy them cars with their own money? Those Toyota’s were busted af even back in that time. Where were the Range Rovers? At least give them some Suburbans or Tahoes.

    Carl Anthony Payne was looking real good too. Mhm Yup lol.

  4. I enjoyed it. At first, I wasn’t too sure this biopic would resonate with me since I already know TLC’s story having grown up with them.. But I have to give them credit for casting the right actors, great wardrobe, etc SN: Drew Sidora and Lil Mama were my favorites. Keke Palmer can’t act to me BUT she looked exactly like Chili.

  5. The boy who played Dallas Austin was the boy from T.I’s movie….the little brother…..I cant remember his name…..DAMN!

  6. Man watching crazysexycool brought back so many memories of my child hood. And I think the whole world owes lil mama a apology. She utterly killed that’s, she was left eye. I damn near cries when she went to Honduras

      1. No you are not the only one, I mentioned that above lol. He always looked good, especially when he was on Martin. He is handsome and thick as hell.

  7. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.Lil Mama didn’t do as bad as I thought she would.I didn’t care for Evan Ross because I was too busy thinking about Left Eye’s boyfriends.The dudes that played them were fine as fuck.Evan Ross is kind of twink-ish to me.I’d open up for the dudes that played Left Eye’s boyfriends.I’d top Evan Ross.Y’all get what I’m saying.

    T-Boz or Chili said that was the lighter version of Pebbles, so she was actually worse than what they portrayed in the movie.And Pebbles is a so called preacher.

      1. Yea, he is kinda fat back there. His face always did it for me tho. When I first saw his pretty face in ATL I lost it. I wasn’t into dudes back then, but I felt some type of way about the way he looked. He is just so pretty. Dudes with really pretty faces make me weak all over.

  8. Loved it. It took me right back to the 90s. Lil mama and drew to me killed it. Keke did a good job too.

  9. The movie was really good because most biopics are trash…and can you find some info on the guy that played andre rison(rico bell)

  10. Nah, I saw that Camry too. Lol! It was that and like, a pick up truck in the background of one part that was like a 2000 or something, but you could barely see it. Overall, it was very believable.

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