Job Interviews, Getting Lost, and Apple Juice (The End of a Good Day)

46A9BD17-341A-44ff-A3DD-78CD38B22E88so yesterday was another interview.
one that i wasn’t even nervous about it at all.
it was at a temp agency where i’m hoping would help me find a good job.
so i woke up and laid around,
read a passage out my book,
and then decided to get up to take a shower.
job interview fox swagg, you ask?

white dress shirt.
black skinny tie.
gray cardigan.
black fitted slacks i hadn’t worn in a while.
(which made my butt cheeks look amazing i gotta say)
polka dot socks.
black loafers.

i’m the type who is always late.
i like catch myself leaving at sketchy times trying to “make it”.
then stay pissed off on the train if i’m late.
today i left the crib at 1230,
seeing that my interview was 1:30,
i wanted to at least get there on time or do some intel in case i got lost.
well i did get lost.
with the help of myself,
i ended up walking in one big circle.
does anyone realize google maps actually talks directions now?
side bar.
by the time i got to the building,
it was 115.
not bad.
not bad at all.

Brad_Dancei think i like this early thing…
this agency was in a posh setting and it came with its own uppity receptionist.
he was a gay snow fox who didn’t give a fuck about my life.
whatever was on his screen,
probably facebook or a4a,
had his attention.
i did the usual paper work and waited for my recruiter.

my recruiter was a pretty snow vixen who actually spoke to me like a human.
not a robot.
not a number.
she wanted to get to know me and find out what i was bringing to the agency.
we even started talking like old friends and i could tell she liked me.
maybe liked me liked me.
i found out she is a singer and she runs a blog.
i mentioned i also ran a blog,
but i kept the specifics private.
i think that got her drawn to me even more.
so get this…
the agency specializes in finding temps for pr and image consulting,
investment banking,
and advertising companies.
isn’t that crazy?????
i asked if they had a lot of jobs available and she said yes with a wink.
she liked what i was wearing and wanted to send me on more jobs that dealt with the creative.
the only catch is i can’t “network” at these jobs,
but i wouldn’t have done that anyway.
i’m “corporate jamari” when im at work.
i can’t speak for outside company hours however.

tumblr_moi08x7wDW1r3j5cto2_500we will see where this new adventure takes me.
i’m feeling positive about this one.
before i left,
she said keep her updated with my schedule for next week.
i already know the answer: OPEN.
i have to take a microsoft word,
power point,
and typing test today or thursday before i could get any gig.
the software wasn’t working on my mac,
but i’ll have to go to the library to get it done.
i haven’t been to the library in years.
that sounds bad.
don’t judge me.
keep me in your prayers!

low-key: speaking of mac,
i gotta drop mine off at the apple store tomorrow.
they may keep it to fix it.
i may cry.
i’ll have to update via my ipad.
i never did it on there before so we’ll see how this goes.

6 thoughts on “Job Interviews, Getting Lost, and Apple Juice (The End of a Good Day)

  1. This is soo ironic I just finished taking that test for my best friend because she doesn’t remember any of it. Most of it can be looked up online however, I breeze right through it because I am Microsoft Office Certified. The typing part might be like 5 min long and will talk about skiing. I definitely recommend you use a windows PC to do the test, the website doesn’t like Apples all that much.

    A tip about the test is that its based off doing the directions as you learn them in the Microsoft office course which I’ve taken like four times for various people in college because I’m a Nerd and I speak techno-logic.

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