dailymail is about to the toilet paper stuck to aubrey o’day’s ass

one thing about the media,
if you try to make them out to be liars,
they will prove themselves not to be.
aubrey o’day is in the right pose for ^that picture.

She has the Dailymail on her ass cheeks.

she claims ( x this isn’t here ).
well the folks at dailymail are not with the shits and trying to prove her wrong…

if that is her in those pics,
you know this was a blow to her narcissistic heart.
the narc hates nothing worst than their cover to be blown.
i don’t know WHY she doesn’t step away from social media,
get her ass in the gym,
glo tf up,
and come back on some boss bitch shit.

this scandal is keeping her in the news so i’d milk it,
but it’s only making her look mentally ill and ridiculous.
what is she gonna do if a real exposure comes?
what if her friends are really her enemies?
she should just let people talk as she moves in silence.
i might be asking for too much from her tho.

lowkey: her pics on her ig are so bizarre…

article cc: dailymail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “dailymail is about to the toilet paper stuck to aubrey o’day’s ass”

  1. The thing is

    Daily Mail is a BIG media company. They wouldnt open them selves up to a defamation suit if it wasnt her. They clearly did the leg-work, the tats and dog match up perfectly.

    Also, the media, journalists, etc have a very strict code when it comes to photoshop- they don’t. Big ones don’t. They’re not photoshopping her pics for front page stories because that is easy lawsuit territory.

    Aubrey photoshops like she’s mystique turning into someone else. I’m more than willing to believe the publication. Pretty sure they’ve done the leg-work and have been stalking her from the moment she leaves her house.

    I dnt think they’re helping her esteem at all tho

  2. Hopefully it’s not some medical issue that has her in this state. Maybe she’s happy maybe not, I don’t know what happened but I remember I used to love her style and her hair. She reminded me of Farrah Fawcett a Lil bit in terms of looks, I fell off when she started with the surgeries…

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