“ya’ll killin’ me with this sh!t,” my toilet said.

 2023 has been literal shit,
and the word “shit” is an upcoming foreshadow in this entry,
i haven’t been handling challenges as well as i should.
shit hit the fan.
so i woke up,
and well this is tmi,
but i needed to drop the brown kids off at the pool.
don’t judge!

we all take dumps here and it’s healthy that you do it regularly.
my goal was to do that and after:

Take a shower
Make breakfast
Start my day of getting on the grind

after i log an entry,
my toilet decides to overflow under me and…

if you can already guess:

It’s a code brown.

i had to grab my plunger and start try to fix whatever was happening.
between all of this,
i did a grocery order and the delivery person kept texting me about chicken patties.

He didn’t speak or write good English.

shortly after,
the toilet water goes extremely low back into the toilet.
so every time i look in my toilet,
i’m met with the ingredients to cook a butt burrito.

at that point,
i’m in-between livid and defeated.
it’s a sunday and i’m dealing with this shit!
everything in that toilet represented how my life has gone to shit in overflow.
not only that,
“juan” can’t figure out that yes,
i wanted the replacement patties for 6.99 and not chicken nuggets.

por favor consigue las hamburguesas de pollo por 6,99.
No puedo enfatizar eso lo suficiente.”

Thank God for the Translate App on Apple.

the whole morning was met with panicking and overreacting.
later on in the day,
i find out that my building had a major clog.
it got fixed as i was sitting on the floor crying over this horrible year.

once i flushed my crap down the toilet and did a heavy cleaning after,
i ended up sleeping off and on for the rest of the day.
i decided i needed to take a day cause i def wasn’t with the shits.

That overflow from my toilet was a foreshadow.
I’m asking God for an overflow of abundance and blessings in my life.
I’ve had enough of this shit.

2 thoughts on ““ya’ll killin’ me with this sh!t,” my toilet said.

  1. Yeah I promise I know days like this. Where legit EVERYTHING seems to be working against you. It gets to the point where sometimes I literally just laugh at all the ridiculousness like the fellow commentor stated. For me I’m just like “tomorrow has to be a better day” and it usually is.

  2. I have been there. The enemy’s goal is to get to you. Praying for you 🙏🏾 And you will be okay. Laugh at the attacks of the enemy and his employees, don’t give attention to it, move forward with your day.

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