is rico hundo the broken clock that is right twice a day?

“pray for me” is right.
i hate when i see something and i’m so excited to share it with The Foxhole.
the word was so good that i don’t hesitate to press “share”.
i posted this story from rico hundo because i felt it:


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….and then The Foxhole had to let me know.
i don’t know him so this was my first time being introduced to him.
this is one of the alleged messages i was allowed to share…

i got a vixen adding on more to his file:


if this is true,
why people make it so difficult to like them?????????
i said he was cute too.

i hate to break it to him if this is all true:

He is in an industry where gays are EVERYWHERE.
Some are obvious; some are on the low.
Many works behind the scenes,
are part of production,
and are even in charge of the entire situation.
The clothes and those sunglasses he is wearing are made by gay males.

Some of his podcast peers and even many of these rappers are gay af.

…and you only learn about this once you are behind the scenes.
it’s even more shocking when you see *insert masculine rapper here* take his mask off.

its not good when an alleged homophobic straight is already coming in hot.
i like to believe that shit travels with you as you climb the ranks.
the feets you step on today
another thing i think in my head:


Some of these homophobic straights have had bad run-ins with gays,
either from their past or what they were taught by parents/church,
and they stay with that energy all throughout life.

that bubble tend to gets popped in hollywood tho.
take that x 2 how you wish.

lowkey: i do hope he can change his opinion.
at least get to know us then hate us.

5 thoughts on “is rico hundo the broken clock that is right twice a day?

  1. Hurt people hurt people. He comes off as damaged. It’s one thing to be able to read people and keep your distance and it’s another to approach everyone choosing violence. Not today or tomorrow, Ma’am.

  2. That first picture is kinda scary. When he is the 1st pic you see when you go to the site it looks like a scary movie ad/AI. I guess that’s just the level of photoshop on it. But yikes.

  3. I know we’re not worried about her? He’s all show. A real boss shows up and he will bow or bend.

  4. Oh nah…not this guy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m so glad the foxhole put you on cause babyyyyyyyy…this one ain’t it. At all. Also not for nothing but he’s always given me “with the vibes” energy lowkey. The vigilant homophobia isn’t helping matters either tbh. Let the gram keep him Mari.

    1. ^ sheesh!

      not his bad reputation proceeding itself.
      that isn’t a good look especially with all the positive shit on his page.
      i’m picking up what you’re putting down with “with the vibes” energy too.
      he is too much of a liability for the hassle tho.

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