i kinda don’t think halle bailey is pregnant guys (keyword kinda)

hollywood stars moves so funny.
when pr people see a story is moving with their client,
they will make sure to do everything to keep us talking.
they will send out false stories just to keep names in papers.
some will even drop tea with their clients permission to create buzz.
notice how all the buzz happens when a project is coming out.
i’m confused with halle bailey atm cause…

i feel like if she was pregnant,
she might be bigger than this by now?
forgive me because i’m pretty ignorant on pregnancy.
i’m so confused but this is good for her business.
it’s keeping us talking and fonting.

lowkey: maybe her weight fluctuates?

2 thoughts on “i kinda don’t think halle bailey is pregnant guys (keyword kinda)

  1. I feel like it’s just the way the fabric is hanging at her midsection that’s disguising it in the last interview sitting down. She looks pregnant in every other video to me.

  2. It’s not good for her because she’s Black. Her songs from The Little Mermaid were pulled from Grammy consideration BY Disney. This “ruins” her wholesome image. If she were white, that wouldn’t have happened.

    And as for if she’s pregnant or not, she gives me prettier Tamar in terms of letting drama overshadow her talent. DDG is an insecure goofball who will ruin her life. There are men who aren’t trying to sabotage her from alt accounts.

    Maybe…she was pregnant and..handled it? She is at the edge of the biggest jump of her career and a baby would infringe on that. It’s sad, but it’s Hollywood. Countess had to handle it when she was on The Parkers….

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