update: imagine getting peed and sh*tted on by someone off grindr?

i love happy endings.
i love when the villains who did the innocent wrong get their comeupance.
it’s like the feeling we got when scar got killed by the hyenas in “the lion king”.
“die for killing mufasa,
you hoe!”

i love when real-life hyenas get jail time for all the havoc they caused while being free.
remember the 4 hyenas who were robbing and humiliating gay males in texas?
they were using the app,
to cause chaos.
at one point,
they wiped one of the gay males with urine and shit.
( x this story was extremely disturbing )
 they were all sentenced last week and…

A Texas man was sentenced to 23 years in federal prison for using an LGBTQ dating app to commit violent hate crimes against gay men, officials said Wednesday.

Daniel Jenkins, 22, pleaded guilty in June to committing a series of robberies, carjackings and other crimes in the Dallas area in December 2017, the Justice Department said in a statement. Jenkins, the last of four co-conspirators charged in the scheme, faced the stiffest sentence of the group.

Jenkins’ co-conspirators — Michael Atkinson, Pablo Ceniceros-Deleon and Daryl Henry — all pleaded guilty in June. They were in their 20s, as well.

Atkinson was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison, Ceniceros-Deleon was sentenced to 22 years, and Henry was sentenced to 20 years, the Justice Department said.

i wonder why daniel got the most in his sentencing?
maybe it had to do with who snitched more?
who had the most involvement in the crimes?
either way,
i’m glad they’ll be away for a long time to think about what they did.
let’s hope they get urine and shit treats to always remind them of what they did.

article cc: nbc news

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “update: imagine getting peed and sh*tted on by someone off grindr?”

  1. When you set the profile up and you follow thru with what they planned, you get the most time regardless who snitched first. All their stories probably added up to him setting the profile and doing the talking while they did everything else. We all know if u getting a sneaky link on Grindr then you posted some nudes. Might not been his but if it was, that could be why he got the most time.

  2. As that famous clip stated, there’ll be more than a few people “waiting” on these “dusty” troglodytes “at the door” of the prison! Glad they were caught and convicted. Keeping people like this off the streets is what prisons are for.

  3. As for the title of this entry.. That happens a lot actually. It’s called scat and piss lol. There are some guys that are into that stuff.

    PSA: This is about to get graphic so if reading this grosses you out then stop reading now.

    I was once actually offered a couple hundred dollars by another guy (who was also black) on Grindr to come over to his place & poop in his mouth. He told me that he didn’t want me to shower and wanted me to take laxatives so it would be runny when I do the deed. I remember he even asked me not to go to the toilet the day before therefore I’d be ready for him. That was his fetish. Long story short, I didn’t do it because the thought of doing that and watching somebody digest human waste would make my stomach turn. I mean, it’s an easy task, just come in and use somebody as a personal toilet & get paid. But it’s just not for me, I would have to be really down bad & in need of fast money if I ever did that.

    But I digress. There are some people out there who like doing this (regardless of whether they’re on the receiving end or the one doing it). Dubai I’m looking at you LMAO

  4. Is it me or do they all look ” Mentally Challenged”? No offense to any person, or group.

    Often there are these physical attributes that can be revealing to a person’s inner mental state.

    I feel bad for the victims. No one deserves to be mistreated no matter what his intentions were.

  5. This is why you don’t cry over too good to be true catfish flaking on you. Could have been one of these sickos.

    1. All four look like cum dumps and should be perfectly comfortable in prison sucking dicks for cigarettes. The bitch with the blonde streaks is especially pitiful, and looks really used up already. Sashay Away

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